Ceramic industry needs to increase the development of environmentally friendly consumer groups high

consumer groups continue to rise, and everyone’s awareness of consumption is gradually improved, their needs continue to change, which is also the current tile industry to bring more opportunities. Now is the development of environmental protection, green and healthy products must be more popular, ceramic enterprises must increase the production and development of this type of products.

The change of

tile enterprises

based on the purchase of green tile become the consensus of consumers, so that the development of green tile industry on China’s ceramic tile industry, really tremendous opportunity, there are many favorable conditions and positive factors, there are many difficulties and challenges. Therefore, to adhere to the China theory of socialist system in Scientific Outlook on Development ceramic tile enterprises, under the guidance of the traditional mode of "crisis" to see the scientific development of the "machine", the ability to lay the foundation for the development of industry and theory, for the ceramic tile industry overall innovation stage.


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