A hamburger shop how to location Le ADS

Xiaobian I introduced to you a lot of franchise location problem, what fast food shop location, hot pot shop location, snack shop location. Today, we have a specific franchise to introduce more detailed site selection. A music store of wealth from Hamburg, the location, in order to enhance the turnover, will have to choose a good place to set up shop, now global network Xiaobian for you to pump a little knowledge of the location, I hope the first time to help entrepreneurs to join the shop in Hamburg master card Le AIDS wealth


in the same area, a chain store may have several open alternative locations, but some places for a chain store, is a good place to open one hundred percent, and on another kind of chain stores, it is not necessarily the most satisfactory place to open. Competition around the store has a huge impact on the success or failure of the retail business, so the choice of the location of the opening of the Hamburg Hamburg franchise must be analyzed competitors.

card burger franchise store address selection good business worry, store structure needs to be assessed from two aspects: geographical location and competitive perspective. Evaluation of a site from the geographical location, it should look at from the perspective of geographical location, belonging to the business center, business center, quasi suburban and residential type 1 of four categories. According to the properties of chain store itself to evaluate the pros and cons of Dianzhi card Le AIDS Hamburg franchise shop address to the attention of the customer flow, storefront cost includes many aspects, specifically, the main need to consider the following aspects: the new process of building and renovation costs, real estate prices and the period of use, compensation for relocation. There is no fee, hydropower capacity, urban planning restrictions. Evaluation of the site is actually to analyze the development trend of city planning. The location of the store is chosen to analyze the planning of urban construction, including both short-term planning and long-term planning.


Le AIDS Hamburg stores, long-term operation and lay a solid foundation for the shop, the store choice appears particularly important. Hope that the above content, all of your business start-up help.

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