Start a modified version of Mala shop earn million net

although this kind of hot snacks have always been in our food and beverage market, however, just like a gust of wind blowing in general, suddenly became hot up. Delicious spicy hot in the west, the store was the name of the two sisters into the yellow color of the style, after entering the feeling of appetite to open." "Now I’m hooked on a hot pot. It tastes great. In the Yin Qing Xiang Xiao Ying primary school opposite, a small and shabby shop." Pu home village opposite the back door of the food market is also quite delicious, often patronize." This summer, a well-known Hangzhou forum, Malatang Posts suddenly up, just like a pair of Hangzhou Malatang roadside snack "headed niche".

spicy hot summer


the sun irritablely Gu spontaneous light, walking in the street undetected, unconsciously narrowed her eyes.

long life on the road a hot and spicy shop, Anhui people Zhang but in the heat and happy. A black white face, just over thirty are shy with a small pot, hand wiping the sweat while smiling and greeting guests in the past.

Zhang is like Hangzhou this summer. Because this summer, the little-known hot and spicy suddenly became prosperous.

less than 15 square meters of the store, put on the air conditioning and freezers, plus a few tables and stools, although the equipment is simple, but for a street spicy shop, it is quite good.

shop is small and more guests. It is said that Zhang’s store every day is a gathering of many people". The 6 tables in the shop have been filled with people, and there are still guests came in to ask whether there is a seat".

shop to eat buried Malatang is around 20 years old young, some are tired of shopping around to shop yangkeng, some tourists passing through here to fill the stomach, there are a few shops is loyal "fans", is said to be two days tempted to report a time.

such a hot scene can also be seen in the hot shop near the Zhejiang university. There is no air conditioning in the shop, but the tantalizing smell of spicy and hot attracts the passing pedestrians. More than 10 o’clock in the evening, the store is around a dozen customers, while the sweat while eating must be in swing.

catering industry has "almost dead" saying, the summer is the restaurant industry off-season. These days, the continuous high temperature Hangzhou, many people have lamented the loss of appetite to eat. But the hot and spicy shop seems to be open all night. 20 in the early days of wearing a small said he was a loyal customer of hot and spicy, hot summer weather, eat other things have no taste, only eat spicy hot, hot on the heating, this taste can be really cool."

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