Calcium in the elderly ten brand list

a big age, a variety of nutrition is very easy to drain, calcium deficiency has become a problem plagued countless elderly. Therefore, for the elderly, calcium is essential. Of course, because of the different age, people’s needs will be different. For the elderly, naturally meet the needs of middle-aged and middle-aged calcium products. So, let Xiaobian to introduce calcium in the elderly ten brands list, making it available on the industry brand have more understanding, and then to choose the more appropriate brand.

calcium in the elderly ten brands list, Amway Nutrilite:


on behalf of the Nutrilite is not only a series of outstanding quality of nutrition and health food, it is a global leading brand in the field of nutrition and health care. Since founded over 70 years ago, Nutrilite has never stopped the pace of development and growth. In 1998, entered the market after China Nutrilite, the Nutrilite brand construction has been very fruitful exploration and innovation, the Nutrilite natural essence, the essence of science "concept deeply rooted," health is the future "concept has been widely recognized, effectively promote the sales of the product, the Nutrilite brand awareness and reputation continuous improvement.

calcium in the elderly ten brands list, NO.2 Music:

Sichuan Silvio Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. is a foreign pharmaceutical enterprises in the western region China established earlier, as the vital Pharmaceutical Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred to as the vital group) subsidiary in 2002 with the group listed in Hongkong. Company registered capital of $36 million 800 thousand, with a total investment of $50 million. Located in the Chengdu Strait science and Technology Industry Development Park, covers an area of about 130 acres, construction area of 16000 square meters. Since 2001, the company has received the relevant government departments awarded the "high-tech enterprise", "Chengdu municipal key enterprises", "top fifty enterprises" and "credit rating AAA" and other honors and high credit.

Ten elderly calcium brand ranking NO.3,


new gaizhonggai

Harbin Pharmaceutical Group Holding Co is a state-owned holding joint venture established in 2005 through the capital increase. With 2 listed on the Shanghai stock exchange public company (i.e., Harbin Pharmaceutical Group Pharmaceutical Group Limited by Share Ltd and Limited by Share Ltd) and 27 wholly-owned, holding and shareholding company. Harbin Pharmaceutical Group currently has "medicine" and "fine" and "world" and "calcium in calcium and four A Well-Known Trademark in China, a whole industry and the three provinces in Northeast china. The new gaizhonggai is rich in lactic acid calcium or calcium carbonate, vitamin D.

calcium in the elderly ten brands list NO.4, d-cal:


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