Health products store selection skills

in recent years, the rapid development of health care products industry, many entrepreneurs also want to open their own health products store. Before the shop to consider a lot of problems, we should know that not everyone to open health care stores to make money. There are many aspects involved, such as site selection. The following is the health care products store location skills:

1, high frequency of commercial activities in the region. In downtown areas, business activities are extremely frequent, the pharmacy is located in such a high turnover. This site is called "land the land". On the contrary, if in downtown, in some unfamiliar streets run health care products stores, it is difficult to improve the turnover of few people tread.

2, high population density areas, residential areas, population concentration is suitable for the establishment of a local pharmacy. In the place where the population is concentrated, people have a great deal of demand for commodities. Of course, drugs are essential. And demand base is also very large. If the pharmacy can be located in such a place, to meet the needs of people, there will be endless business. Moreover, this place, customer demand is relatively stable, not a sudden fall in sales. Pharmacies can ensure stable income.

3, the most crowded streets. Because the pharmacy is the largest passenger flow on the street, by the passenger flow and the speed of the impact of the largest, most people can buy the nearest medicine.

4, convenient transportation area. Passengers on the bus, get off most of the station, or in the vicinity of the main station. In the street where the customer does not walk more than 15 times.

5, close to the place where people gather. Such as cinemas, theatres, park, farmers market, schools and other places, or near large factories, offices, shops, and densely populated and various formats relatively mature and stable place.

6, store shop form. At present, the health food stores are staking, the choice of shops (especially for the cross regional shop) does have a certain degree of difficulty, and once the supermarket or shopping malls, shopping malls and other cooperative development shop, you can make full use of their site, but also to pass on the location problem the supermarket or shopping malls, save a lot of manpower and material resources.

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