No name can also booming snack

in the current fierce competition in the background, many people in order to make the business of the snack bar is more prosperous, the name of the shop will naturally spend a lot of time. However, in this small series to introduce no name can also booming snack bar, to see how it is done.

this shop is very special, there is no sign, and the store is also small, do not look carefully, do not pay attention to.


operator is two brothers, so some people directly to the snack was called the two brothers.

this is the second time I’ve gone to eat, because it’s a really good sell.

his Chawanmushi (a 40 yuan), should be directly used to Kylix steamed, the material is very rich, there are carrots, mushroom, fish, pork stomach, brain, looks like a small bowl, but because his bowl is very deep, so in fact quite much weight.

but a little salty taste, but still very delicious.

their Plain Noodle Soup above there are vegetables and slices of meat, a bowl of 35 yuan, the taste is not bad. In fact, after the bowl will be full, in addition to his noodles are also very good, simple taste, but the taste is very fragrant, like.

they also sell some other snacks, then slowly fill up.

because I think I should go back to this house.

this shop is located on the road of civil rights, detailed address did not remember, is about to cross the intersection with Zhongshan Road, next to a fruit shop.

if it is in the past, the snack bar is not its name is a very common thing, but in the dining environment, no name want business but it is very difficult. However, the shops in this article can do this, enough to allow other snack bar learning.

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