SHEA Charity benifits from Miss World Guyana contestant donation

first_imgDivya Yabindranauth is a “beauty with a purpose”. She represented Region One (Barima-Waini) in the 2016 Miss World Guyana competition; however, long after the pageant has ended, she continues to bring aid and attention to the people of this region.Divya Yabindranauth is a “beauty with a purpose”0808On September 16, 2016, Yabindranauth donated US$3800 to the SHEA Charity. The money was raised as part of her Beauty with a Purpose platform though an online crowd funding campaign, where she asked friends and family to donate. Yabindranauth also sold personal items such as clothes, shoes, accessories, games, etc. Additionally, she hosted a bake sales and fundraising dinner.SHEA’s Treasurer, Kemraj Narine, was present with the cheque at their annual fundraising dinner which was attended by Director of Miss World Guyana, Natasha Martindale. Upon receiving the cheque, the charity announced that part of the funds collected were allocated to the treatment and care of Carlos Domingo, a release from the Charity stated.Carlos Domingo of Whitewater Village, Barima-Waini, broke his arm when he was seven years old. Shortly after the incident, he received treatment for his injury and a metal rod was placed in his arm as part of the treatment; however, just days later, the rod became dislodged, puncturing his flesh and skin and caused an infection and severe pain. Because of the isolated location in which Carlos lives and limited financial resources, his family was unable to provide further care. So, he was left untreated for three years.Upon hearing of his plight, Yabindranauth visited Carlos and immediately alerted the charity about his condition. And, within a matter of days, arrangements were made for Carlos to be transported to Georgetown Public Hospital, where he was treated to repair the damages to his arm. The charity covered all expenses.During her week-long visit to the region, Divya also met with families in crisis and she reported that some of the stories brought her to tears; she vowed to continue to work independently, as well as with the charity to continue to serve the people of Region One.Yabindranauth is a natural humanitarian and she is highly regarded by the SHEA Charity for her dedicated hard work. The charity also mentioned that Yabindranauth’s parents are vital members of the charity through volunteerisms.last_img

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