When clothing do share strategies encounter season

we know, the apparel industry has obvious seasonal, arrived at the end of the season, a lot of clothing shop owners are eager to clear. To do the clothing business sellers, the most delicate business season of the year in mid March to the end of April this period of time, this is normal. Specific reasons are these points:

1, because this time the weather is relatively large, in March, a large temperature difference mostly local climate is quite cold, and most people still wearing a winter sweater, but this time to buy clothes are generally in the autumn has bought the. So in March and April the sweater sales are very small.

2, this period of time, if the seller’s own purchase may be found, suppliers are generally doing summer clothes, T-Shirts, t-shirts. Shirts, etc.. It is difficult to find a suitable spring wear suit, sweater what supplier. So the summer dress, the weather is not hot, clothes, of course, do not sell.

3, if the seller is not prepared in advance of the spring and autumn season clothes, wait until the weather when it comes to re purchase. It’s too late to get a good supply.

1, February: before and after the Spring Festival, the winter festival will do something, the amount is not great. After the festival to clear the point of inventory, this time the purchase is cost-effective oh.

2, March: this time summer clothes have been introduced, because if it is foreign trade, this time is a single peak. Mostly day. Korean summer, more and more new. Beautiful YY wanted to take the time to prepare for the summer to sell greatly chowhound.

4, May: by the end of May foreign trade and shipping list is a peak. Most of this time is woven spring and autumn.

6–8 months, this time due to the climate problem, some traders have a little rest, there will be no large amount of.

8 the end of the month to October is the golden season of winter sweaters, adequate supply. A lot of new goods in the new time out. So to wash the beautiful YY sellers to sell, this time is the most time.

10 –12 months, usually some cotton and woolen sweaters, scarves gloves and other accessories are shipped in this time period.


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