Liao Changyong vice president of Shanghai Conservatory Of Music was real name Report

eighteen years, many Chinese officials sacked due to bribery, involving politics, education, state-owned industries and other fields. Recently, Liao Changyong, vice president of Shanghai Conservatory Of Music was real name, said his bribery. Liao Changyong responded that It is sheer fiction.

16 evening 9:48, Liao Changyong issued a letter to respond to micro-blog report, the statement is a serious misrepresentation. The following contents: a micro-blog real-name reporting/real-name whistleblowing letter I found on the Internet today, and received many users concerned, this is my first statement to report serious misrepresentation; I have been to the Party committee and the relevant departments made a report, and are willing to accept the organization verification; in addition, I have hired the famous Shanghai Zhou Tianping the lawyer, safeguard the rights and interests of my legal way, and hope that through legal means to put the slanderer! Liao Changyong

1, Chen Jun in the information network to the real name report way described by the Liao Changyong bribery are fictional fabrication.

2, Liao Changyong self-knowledge innocence, and self-confidence can withstand any review.

3, the use of information networks Chen’s behavior has seriously damaged the reputation of Liao Changyong, Liao Changyong as the victim will verify the identity of Chen Jun, according to the relevant laws and legal liability of Chen Jun.

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