Stylish western restaurant decoration with stress

After years of development,

has become a popular food from a luxury. Now the major cities more and more western chain stores, many operators feel a great deal of pressure, the urgent need to find a new breakthrough. So for Western food chain business, how to improve from the decoration?

No matter what kind of

some operators in the decoration fashion Western-style food shop, always wanted to be a fashion store Western-style food design more and more modern luxury. Can be welcomed by consumers in the fierce competition in the market, the results are often counterproductive, not according to the specific circumstances of his restaurant, because due to the flexibility of the content and quality of the decoration. For example, a restaurant in the surrounding a community or technical college, both inside and outside decoration, elegant and gorgeous painting shop gilt silver, feiyandougong, Zhu Hong column, antique. In front of two, wearing a cheongsam dress beautifully dressed, with both hands at the miss, security personnel for official uniforms, paced back and forth looking. Too much emphasis on luxury, while ignoring the cultural taste and popularity of the idea, will not receive good results.

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