Eternal Derby between Sarajevo and Zeljeznicar finished

first_imgThe 109th eternal derby between FC Sarajevo and FC Zeljeznicar had not been much different from all previous ones. Match of the 12th round of Premier League at the Olympic Stadium “Asim Ferhatovic Hase” ended without a winner and without  any goals (0: 0).Players for Sarajevo were: Pavlovic – Hodzic, Novakovic, Mihojevic, Al. Bekic – Rustemovic, Saric – Crnkic, Duljevic (Hebibovic 78 ‘), Cetkovic (Ivetic 88’) – Ahmetovic (Am. Bekic 81 ‘).On the other hand, players for Zeljeznicar were: Kjosevski – Memija, Kosoric, Boccaccini, S. Stevanovic – Blagojevic, Radinovic (Beganovic 79 ‘) – M. Stevanovic, Markovic, Krizman (Lazic 69’) – Lendric (Nikolic 88 ‘).Derby began on a somewhat unusual way – referee Irfan Peljto judged the first foul in the fourth minute.The guests had the first chance at scoring goal at the match, but Lendric went too diagonally and failed to score.Just two minutes later, Lendric was in action again. He got the ball from the left, sent a center shot, Pavlovic reacted badly, while Stevanovic failed to shot the ball into the net.Sarajevo seriously threatened in the 17th minute when, after a long shot of Mihojevic, Kjosevski left his penalty box and kicked the ball in front of Ahmetovic.In the next attack after a great centering pass of Duljevic, Crnkic kicked the ball next to the goal from the left side.After a corner kick in the 23rd minute, which was performed by Duljevic, the ball came to the goal post to Mihojevic but the stopper of Sarajevo missed the entire goal.The best opportunity for the Blue in the first half had Krizman in the 35th minute when he was one on one with Pavlovic, but the goalkeeper of Sarajevo defended the shot.Sarajevo could take the lead in the last minute of the first half. Duljevic hired Bekic on the left, he centered a penalty, but Cetkovic sent the ball right above the goal.Sarajevo at the beginning of the second half started violently toward scoring a goal against Zeljo. In the 50th minute, Crnkic with Duljevic’s assistance, kicked the ball from a seven meter distance, but Kjosevski managed to defend the goal.Sarajevo continued to attack, and in the 59th minute Ahmetovic took a shot from about 17 meters distance, but Kjosevski caught the ball with no major problems.Rustemovic kicked the ball in the 62nd minute, after a counterattack of Sarajevo which was performed by Duljevic, but he was not accurate. This was followed by ten minutes without any goals, and Duljevic shot from a blind spot on the left side in the 72nd minute, but Kjosevski defended it once again.In the 80th minute, M. Stevanovic fought for a free kick from 20 meters, but the winger of Zeljo performed it and the ball went into corner. By the end of the match, there were no great opportunities and both teams have split points.(Source: E. B./

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