College students set up logistics advertising company profits doubled

on college students, different people have different views, many people feel that college students success rate is low, so it is not suitable for entrepreneurship. However, there are some successful entrepreneurs in College students. In Chengdu, Chenghua District, a resident room, 90 college students to establish the logistics courier advertising company development is quite good, a few college students are a few successful.

in a simple office environment, some of the young entrepreneurs in the reception of visiting customers, and some on the computer to find a customer demand for advertising. 22 year old Guo Xingqi ear short hair, the conversation also with a formal and shy. It was her idea that she had the company. According to Guo Xing introduction, she attended the Sichuan province police school in Deyang, failed to become police after graduation.

in June this year, she found a job in Chengdu leaflets. During the period, Guo star found that a lot of people in order to complete the leaflets as soon as possible, will be issued to a few leaflets of the same person, hair leaflets will be thrown into the trash can. "How to make an advertisement is more than reading?" Guo Xing thought of the express orders, and now online shopping so many people, if the ads printed on a single courier, at least to ensure that the members and recipients can read. Moreover, advertisers can also check the effective number of advertising.

that night, Guo will communicate with the idea of Hu Xuemei. The 22 year old Hu Xuemei graduated from the University Department of computer, she said, it is difficult to find a job, rather than trying to start a business together. The next day, they convened two female students, we agreed to start.

4 female college students to find their own students, composed of more than 10 people, entrepreneurial team". They are divided into two groups, a group of people to contact the logistics express company, to provide free express as a condition, in exchange for a single Express advertising; another group of people who are willing to find a single express advertising.

orders, posing as a courier to send data, signed first order

half a month in the past, in addition to a number of courier companies are willing to cooperate, the team still did not find businesses willing to put advertising. Guo Xing said, when some students have to give up, she also began to doubt their entrepreneurial model.

at this time, she is an online shop selling snacks. For a week, she would call two times a day to the company’s front desk, but the other parties are not related to the leadership". So, she will express single advertising promotional materials on the envelope, posing as a courier to the front of the company transferred to the relevant leaders.

waited a week after the company finally contacted her. After the meeting to understand, the company paid 8000 yuan, bought the courier on the list of the two ads. This initial order not only solve the team of venture capital.

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