We need to treat our customers magnanimous

some customers are very easy to get along with, dealing with such customers will not have any contradiction. However, there are easy to get along with customers, will also have a bad customer. In the face of our customers, many shopkeepers adopts a strict attitude, they think would prefer not to earn his money, don’t let him arrogant, otherwise it can not operate. I’m not very optimistic about this tough attitude.

because we can not offend customers, although we do not miss these one or two customers, but the impact is enormous, not the customer of the one or two things. We should take into account the negative effects caused by this. Therefore, my view is to treat unreasonable customers, should be tolerant and generous, our generosity can influence them, and thus to promote other customers are not affected.

me one day, I’m busy. All of a sudden, a customer came in with a big noise. He said that I had a problem with the food I sold. I told him to sit down and say slowly: "the bread you sell doesn’t taste good. It’s not the same as before. I think it’s fake!" Listen to his words, I have been able to conclude that he is finding fault.

he can’t find out the actual problem of our bread, but the taste is different, this is not trouble? I would like to and his theory, but at this moment, many customers are watching, if I argue with him, then it is bound to affect other customers. So, I said to him: "brother, I am sorry, this is our bread taste, may not be suitable for your taste, or so, I give you back, you choose a selection of other goods, what do you think?"

listen to me, he didn’t make any more noise, he accepted my point of view. So he chose another bread, and left with satisfaction. At this time the next to see the customers are to me a thumbs up. Customers are talking about my generosity, a lot of customers because of this, more trust me.

think about this thing, if I and the unruly customers to dry, it will offend the customers, and also affect other customers. At least they are customers, so other customers will stand in the customer’s point of view, and I through this initiative, won the trust of customers. It was a tricky thing for me, but I used it to close the distance with other customers, and set up a good image of me, think about it, I still very cost-effective.

is now a lot of shopkeepers feel that they can not afford to lose, once the customer is prone to make trouble prone to quarrel, and even to the development of physical conflict. In fact, in the face of unreasonable customers, we can not quarrel with. We should learn to be tolerant and generous, our generosity can influence him, make him embarrassed to leave. What’s more, we should

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