Underwear store how to recommend style for consumers

contemporary female consumer choice of underwear is very harsh, not only to the quality of clearance, but also to fashion design, so to set up a successful underwear store should know how to choose a suitable underwear product for the consumer, in order to obtain good business.

and female breast shape characteristics of different regions are not the same, the color preferences are not the same, different weather conditions lead to various regions of the underwear combination is also different, like the North female chest is full size, should choose the larger, while the southern women Petite Linglong, small code will sell well, winter color should be deep, the color should be light summer holidays, when the red color is popular.

Product linked version is another artistic, popular styles and colors must be displayed in the main position, hanging version of the visual display is also very important, consumers into the store must feel the whole display neat and grade. Women are emotional animals, beautiful shopping environment will stimulate their desire to buy.



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