The investment cost of the intelligent mobile phone really can earn high profits

is now a large number of business opportunities on the market, however, due to the complexity of the market environment, a lot of business opportunities only through careful analysis to be able to know whether such business is feasible. Then, the investment cost of the intelligent mobile phone really can earn high profits? Let’s get to know each other.

project analysis: the project is known as a software charging system that can help users save a lot of phone calls, especially long-distance calls, 8 cents per minute can be played around the world.

Description: let your beauty millionaire

investment small: investors need to invest 3. 80 thousand yuan to become the cost of mobile phone intelligent agents, and invested 1. 80 thousand yuan can become a mobile phone recharge agent.

high profits: net profit space intelligent mobile phone fee is 50 yuan /, with a population of about 500 thousand of the county as an example, within one year of 2% people or 10 thousand people to buy the use of Android mobile phone series, that is 500 thousand of the net profit! In addition, the service will be set up to recharge the agent’s profit will be the traditional recharge card sales and network recharge 12-15 times or even higher!

market prospects Amoy: the current total domestic mobile phone users has more than 1 billion, while the mobile phone costs have been high, especially long-distance calls. Therefore, as a new generation of intelligent mobile phone to save money, with hundreds of billions of yuan in the market space.

truth restore: monopoly difficult to enter the field of

investment is not small: the project is actually the so-called low input initial fee, if investors want to sell mobile phone, also need to purchase, in accordance with the project claims, mobile phone price 399 yuan, 50 yuan net profit franchisee has a mobile phone, the purchase price at least 300 yuan in 100, the mobile phone is 30 thousand yuan. The actual amount of investment projects than claims higher – times.

high profits is questionable: at present, mobile phone dealers really make money not to sell mobile phone accessories, but sales, even as sales of Apple mobile phone, Samsung mobile phone agents, most will earn forty or fifty yuan, the project claims that investors can earn 50 yuan /, absolutely exaggerated. In addition, the current recharge market, agents completed 100 yuan recharge business, up to $2 profit, while the project side claimed that 24-30 yuan, some outrageous, authenticity is poor.

monopoly difficult to enter: the current domestic mobile phone market is not open, still by China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom several operators control. Small investors can not enter the monopoly in the field, so the project Xukua quanqian great possibility.

in addition, even if the project did not exaggerate, still do not have the investment value, because.

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