Jiangjin street in Chongqing city vigorously promote the entrepreneurial guarantee loan policy

community and other grassroots organizations continues to promote positive entrepreneurial policy, accelerate the popularization of entrepreneurship policy, play an important role in all kinds of employment policies to send home, so that entrepreneurs can enjoy the best new helping entrepreneurs.

At the beginning of the new year

to streamline the process, the nearest convenience for the masses. The district is full implementation of online examination and approval, the application of venture capital loans to entrepreneurs only to the location of the village (community) employment and social security service station application, you can wait for the loan. At the same time, in order to improve the efficiency, the establishment of the system of business guarantee loan time limit and other related systems, without delay, not prevarication, for the masses to provide efficient, high quality and convenient service.

it is understood that the Business District issued loans to 15 million 300 thousand yuan in the first month of the new year, representing an increase of 5.8 times, to further stimulate the public business of "power" and "innovation vitality, create favorable conditions for more self employment and re employment.

years all over the country will usher in a 2016 business peak, many entrepreneurs have chosen this time to carry out entrepreneurial journey, believe that business loan policy can provide real entrepreneurship assistance for the masses.

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