Greenhalgh’s rewards loyal staff

first_imgGreenhalgh’s bakery has celebrated the commitment of long serving staff at a special award event.Held at Rivington Hall Barn, Bolton on September 23, 62 staff with a combined total of 1,680 years working for the company were rewarded for achieving either 20, 30 or 40 years of continuous service.Managing director David Smart thanked each staff member personally upon presenting them with their Company award.Below is the list of winners with the number of years they have served:Susan Smart, 34Sandra Ogden, 24Ray Lyons, 24 Joan Williams, 30Ann Taylor, 30Alison Kelsall, 24 Gillian Tonks, 22Carol Bailey, 33Kathryn Rostron, 33 Stuart Hartlebury, 28Stephen Jones, 30Peter Chamberlain, 27Michael Smart, 28David Edwards, 24Michael Kemp, 23Wayne Bayley, 22Garry Thew, 36Pauline Morris, 20 David Fury, 45David Whittle, 47John Hurst, 43 Linda Williams, 33Ann Newby, 38Carol McGuire, 24 Alfred Lowe, 30Pauline Rahaman, 30Patricia Howarth, 30 Shelia Ramsden, 32Eileen Miller, 27Chris Beard, 29 Tanya Luke, 28Paul Perkins, 25Christopher Wilkinson, 20Stephen Adamson, 27Carol Ratcliffe, 33Vicky Pilkington, 29 Peter Burton, 20Margaret Bennett, 28Jennifer Gregory, 27 Anne Sharpe, 20Mary Corless, 27Sandra Tickle, 35 Irene Hamilton, 34Catherine Wardle, 28Hilary Fernley, 24Christine Mailey, 21Harriet Cully, 26Sheila Marsh, 26Wendy Fletcher, 27Lynne Graham, 24Lisa Seddon, 24Christine Strong, 23Heather Parkinson, 22Pauline Calderbank, 29Brian Gregory, 27Carol McGuire, 23Sheila Ramsden, 32Julie Thew, 33Eileen Beard, 27Jane Lawson, 26 John Platt, 25John Williams, 20Susan Hayes, 20 Margaret Winstanley, 20last_img

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