The graduates avoid taboo nine let you venture Road as sure as a gun

year college graduates into the society, many people gradually began his entrepreneurial career path, but a puzzling phenomenon, people are educated, many college students went to do business, but often fail! Some untaught people, business is very prosperous. What is the reason for these high IQ, smart people so embarrassed?

what taboo?


Five note: the

business six: wine is not afraid of deep alley. Many people only pay attention to production and do not pay attention to marketing, something good that natural people come, this is passive sales tools. Only take the initiative to solicit, expand the influence, can be quick turnover and profit.

do business: sevenavoid ye people I gnaw dry dry. The lack of creative spirit, always with the others behind, being led by the nose, others take charge of the finished, you do have little profit or nowhere. Only the first step to occupy the market in order to win.

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