Zhejiang optimizing the employment of college graduates to strengthen the work of advocacy services

the whereabouts of college graduates is every year the government needs to focus on social issues related to people’s livelihood economic development. Zhejiang Province in achieving satisfactory employment rate, but also in the continuous improvement, multi direction to strengthen the service, to enhance the quality of entrepreneurship and employment.

on employment and entrepreneurship policy implementation. At present, the Zhejiang provincial government has formulated and issued the opinions on the support of the public to promote employment and entrepreneurship guarantee loans, entrepreneurship training, Network Entrepreneurship identified, such as the development of public welfare 8 supporting documents. Next, we will highlight the implementation of the policy, strengthen the implementation of the work of inspection guidance, good policy advocacy and training, to carry out the implementation of the policy tracking statistics to ensure that the policy landing effective.

vigorously promote rural entrepreneurship employment. One is to promote the expansion of points. In accordance with the principles of market driven and policy driven combination, make full use of the village post station, village convenience service centers and other resources for the new village electricity supplier service station 10 thousand.

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