How to win the store in the competition with the shop

for the current number of entities, the various problems faced by the industry is not the same shop competition, but the impact of the shop. After all, the current number of young people are more willing to choose to shop online shopping, it is natural to require the owner of the store can take a better strategy, so as to be able to compete with the store to win.

Zou yuan scarf business for many years, he was a good lot in Zhengzhou opened a fairly large entity shop, but the business has become more and more recent. He is also an online shopping daren. In this year to see Suning and Jingdong after the war, he has his own perception: the so-called e-commerce boom or there will be a lot of deception, even if there is also a brand online business. If the store can make an honest gesture in a special period, many customers are likely to go out of the house, came to the store to rest assured consumption.

so, he in this period of time, in the online advertising to yourself: XX scarf shop, don’t learn Su Ning, don’t learn Jingdong, only sell honest, not so cheap, not so expensive, is your ideal price. Just need you out of the house, take a walk, you can find my shop, buy your favorite scarf.

frequent campaign was to play a significant effect, many young people come here, and Zou Yuan also gave them the most preferential price. Consumers feel that they have enjoyed the most favorable consumption, but also to enjoy the owner of the opposite side of the enthusiasm of the service, so they are very happy to come to this shop. As time went by, his shop became more and more prosperous.

Zou yuan took advantage of the electricity supplier’s soft underbelly moves to find their own advantages of the store, and moderate advertising, so that the habit of online shopping to understand his shop. This is his cleverness, also seems to be some store to learn things. To know that the electricity supplier is not a "poor Joseph, its strength is obvious to people, if not a smart store. It is difficult to get high in the market game.

is now a lot of physical shop owners who know the impact of the shop is relatively large, but can not put down the shelf, resulting in poor business. In fact, the store should lay down the original shelf, to know that online shopping is a modern young people’s habits, the choice of young people is the choice of the market, is the choice of wealth. The store can not continue to be confused, to seriously fight this battle. The store has its own traditional advantage, but only by the traditional advantage is not enough, also need to create new advantages, but also with pain at these advantages to attack the electricity supplier, to a large interest in the business in a wave of soup!

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