Wuhan property investment and independent customers active

prices have been the subject of constant ancient, it seems that prices have been in a rising trend, one day to buy a house means that earned! So, what is the reason for the growth of the above market prices in Wuhan? Let us look at the following.

5 first week of the month, the transaction is still hot. According to Ke Rui data show that the city is located in the Gutian area to reproduce the sun. Unlike the previous, the launch of the 88-137 two or three square meters of housing, the average transaction price of about 14000 yuan / square meters, the average transaction price compared to two months ago when the first rose nearly 2000 yuan / square meter.

on Saturday evening at 6, Zhou Hong and his parents rushed to the Millennium city. The opening of the project for the first time, they came to see, then hesitated not to buy. "Less than 2 months, the price of the house here, if the early shot like." Zhou Hong said with regret, the child is also big, before looking at the more than and 110 level of the small, this time there are more than and 130 flat house, have to change a big house."

reporter visited found that the millennium city currently no shape of life support. Is highly favored by customers, analysis Pujiang Zhucheng market analyst Guo Rui said that the future of super large commercial facilities, close to Metro Line 1 light rail station is a positive factor, the key factors in Wuhan (real estate), to improve the housing inventory in an emergency, and lots of good apartment layout third room sold very well.

in addition to improving the type of housing sales continued, the last weekend of the large flat residential also has a clear "rise" trend. According to Ke Rui data show that the city is located in East Lake scenic area, launched 350 square meters of large flat residential. Opening day turnover of 70%, the average transaction price of about 22000-23000 yuan / square meter, compared with the previous rise of 2000 yuan / square meter.

previously, according to the statistics of large Chu real estate market statistics, this year there are 6 large flat sales projects. Among them, the Hankou international financial exchange is located in the inner ring of Yuexiu will launch the two phase of the flat floor and other luxury products, the price is expected to be about $30 thousand per square meter. Guo Rui believes that the volume of large flat residential has been based on continuous accumulation, rarely to the day volume statistics.

overseas Chinese town of hot and scarce natural resources in East Lake are not unrelated. Currently, the Wuhan market is active investment and independent customers, the core of the product will be more and more popular.

housing prices in Wuhan, due to the shortage of housing supply! So, in the future, Wuhan will introduce relevant policies to adjust it? In addition, Wuhan property investment and independent customers are also very active.

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