What are the common SEO tools

1, Google keyword tools, Baidu promotion assistant

Google keyword tools, also known as Google Adword. He is an official Google tool, and of course, his function is very powerful, not limited to keyword mining analysis. This is a foreign trade SEO when using the most frequently a keyword tool. And Baidu promotion assistant is also the same as Google keyword tools, but also some functions are free, the main focus is Baidu SEO.



two, Google webmaster tools

use Google Webmaster Tools premise is to have to register Google webmaster and have your website FTP permissions. Registered account can through Google webmaster tools to add your website, a HTML file and then uploaded via FTP Google webmaster tools provided by 24 hours after verification, you can start using Google webmaster tools. Registration is completed, you can use Google webmaster tools to check your website’s internal and external data situation and use it to improve some of the functions.

For example

submit site map, the preferred domain settings, robots files, Googlebot test definition crawl rate and internal links structure and external links number, popularity and number, website keyword frequency, web search query, fault diagnosis, grab error is 404 errors, malicious software tips, HTML other functions.


three, the home of the webmaster

personal feel that the webmaster home part of the function is really misleading novice SEO. For example, the so-called Baidu weight and reverse link query is very inaccurate. But why do I recommend this SEO tool here,


because he has one of the main functions of checking your web site’s history data:


four, webmaster helper

can view many high weight backlinks on your site.


five, view its webmaster tools

view its webmaster tools, can find out your web site keywords in major search engine rankings, for many SEO lovers save a lot of time.


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