What kind of personalized custom site exactly how to operate

in the last two years, as young people become more and more fond of personality, more young people prefer decorations and personality products that reflect their personality more. This spawned a lot of personalized customization based web site. The first kangdang, dragon baby, UU custom network etc.. They are in a small amount, even an on-demand customized products, the site is basically in the production, individual T-shirts, mugs, postcards, calendars, pillow etc..

recently, NetEase, Sina, and other portals have also come into the market for personalized customization. Some time ago, I watched NetEase vigorously promote his personalized website "impressionism", and there was an impressionist advertisement behind every news. Only his own website can use so much effort to promote it. What other websites can do this?. I found that several websites mentioned above have made great efforts to promote the website and beautify the website itself, but the real core thing is not very smart. Take the impressionist, online design inside whether you make a cup, you can change the calendar or what, in his offer a template picture and fool output, this design feature is also very convenient, but too simple. Can not meet the needs of personality. Sina is even more outrageous, uploading photos in the template can not zoom in and out, what editing functions are not. You must send a picture just the same size as his template. What can users do to you if they can handle a proper photo of their own?

is now the Internet has become more and more difficult, have a good idea, when you are doing it, a portal site, some money, some resources, put your model to move in the past, then you become the imitation. As you write, write a original, give you a transfer station, you to reprint.

returned to customized questions, in general I see a lot of custom websites, have the same problem, too much, what are doing: T-shirts, mugs, postcards, calendars, mouse pad, album. In short, there are all, but none of them. Not a professional taste, I am doing a website recently, I love Indian network for married couples, is a wedding invitation online network design. I focus on this category, making the design functional, sophisticated, clear, powerful and rich. We can see, and what Impressionist ah, Sina ah, compared to know what is single-minded, what is the intention to do things. We offer colorful templates to operate as simple as possible. Let more users feel our powerful online custom wedding invitation function.

above is purely my love network www.woaiyin.com unilateral view, reprinted please specify.

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