Teacher Webmaster to new Adsense some heart

every webmaster want to own site narrative history, I think is all I started to do the site sour, sweet, bitter, hot, from 2003, that time is blind, can only say is courage, ha ha. It’s stupid, boy, get a 3 site, proved a sweat.

I want to give the new owners say is we are aspiring, but I think the station to do things, or with the peace of mind to do, after all, our webmaster industry, most of which are part-time, we also do not good too. From 2006 when I abandoned the previous site, began to get a site, because I am a teacher. I have no spare time too much, usually work at night while (but often to more than 2 in the morning, most of the webmaster is OK) a little experience following me for nearly 3 years to do the station said:

one, according to their preferences and professional characteristics, to the positioning of the site.

as a teacher, I am on the educational resources of the things is very familiar with, so I have to locate educational resources, such as paper, courseware, for the website update, set the columns will be handy, so since we do stand is confidence.

two, choose a domain name and space.

on the choice of domain names, the Internet has a lot of knowledge in this area, but I think at the beginning of time do not have to study so deep, good to remember it. When I started, I did not understand this knowledge. Since education is concerned, I chose www.910web.cn as a domain name, which is now the 910 educational resource. Feel good, remember, understand. Site space choice, I started to site after all is just beginning, the requirements of space is not harsh, some new Adsense is demanding, such as the number of IIS connections, 100 are too few, just started to do online at the same time the station, will soon reach 100 people, the space can be general. Wait for your site, according to the need to upgrade.

three, website management system selection.

this many, such as moving easy, new cloud and so on, the management system is good, I use is easy to move, and will soon get started. Follow the instructions and don’t get it for a long time. As for the site’s skin, revision, modification, etc., in the operation of the site, a little change is not too late. Of course, there are free templates, find yourself think good, change to work.

four, about website promotion.

this aspect of knowledge is also very deep, for new Adsense speaking, I suggest at the beginning of the time, many learning to try, A5 there are many such articles, master, many cattle. They have published a lot of reference, I often read articles on the A5, a lot of time in the office to print these articles down, study, learn more, so you do not take a lot of detours. Here I display slight skill before an expert under their own views, common >

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