Novice webmaster summary of everyone’s promotion ideas

Hello, I came to the webmaster network not long, which has also been a lot of help, but also read a lot of posts. Now let’s make a brief summary of the article we’ve read — see if I’m right,

for the website promotion mainly has the following several aspects:

1, site construction in the early stages of structural preparation,

2, after the website is built, do much effort to the article of the website,

3, in the major forums, post bar and other places to do publicity, of course, is positive, not the kind of people to see deleted posts

4, give Baidu, Google each big search engine manufacturer money, let them help you popularize website

5, exchange links with major websites,

6 and affiliate League (I still don’t understand, can you help me explain)

is such a train of thought? Also hope to consult the major webmaster weapon ah, ~~~^_^


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