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every major event leads to a series of questions or arguments. In July 21st, Beijing was hit by the worst storm in 61 years, with serious flooding in the city, killing 37 people and causing major economic losses. A car submerged in a parking lot in a waterlogged area is particularly dazzling. A man was trapped under the overpass, don’t knock open the door failed to escape but unfortunately drowned. During the rainstorm and after the disaster, enthusiastic experts and netizens have been using social platforms to give the majority of owners weapon. But each big vehicle factory performance is actually not satisfactory. Unless, or after or indifferent, even as usual routine propaganda, most car manufacturers micro-blog was awarded the official. Thus, SNS and corporate image is closely related, especially with the electricity supplier has a very close relationship, and today we are talking about SNS in e-commerce applications.

Gil Andersson expresses, at present SEO is no longer related to the link, but with the marketing site user participation is closely related. So to do SEO, must pay attention to SNS.

, SNS, promotion platform,

SEOer sends out the chain, usually to some network social platform, BBS, blog and micro-blog become SEO every day must visit place. SNS platform is an important position for publicity and promotion of electricity providers. How many websites per day do more than 1000 external chains do? Most of them can be released by using SNS platform.

SNS, establish image communication culture

SNS, the full name of Social Networking Services, the social networking services, specifically designed to help people build a social network of Internet application services. Also refers to the existing mature and popular information carriers, such as short message SMS service. Micro-blog is now the use of social networking services. Social platform is no longer the same as before, just electricity providers advertising, marketing platform, but rather rich enterprise brand communication, value-added services to provide users with new scenes. SNS ready, you can set up corporate image, spread corporate culture.

SNS, talk directly to the user,

whether micro-blog or forum, can form a two-way relationship, that is, members and members can pay attention to each other, and can comment, reply. Enterprises and electricity providers should keep up with the tide, establish their own official micro-blog, build a platform for dialogue with their users. During the heavy rains in Beijing, BMW China issued timely announcements in the official micro-blog. After micro-blog, hundreds of comments, most of them positive. SNS allows businesses to be more approachable and more responsive to what users need and how products should be improved.

with the development of e-commerce and changes in search engines, SEO will certainly change. In the SEO industry after transformation, it will be social, real-time content popular.


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