Webmaster how to locate the core value of the website quick profit

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" stands for its name. The administrator super administrator for the web site. If you already have your own website, then you are the webmaster of the site from now on. In an entrepreneur, read a report "webmaster dead", Niu Wenwen this article is very understanding. In the past are independent websites, do their own pictures, do their own static pages, change their own procedures, and so on, all the work is done by a webmaster. Now, basically, extension becomes a team. But there is a lot of difference between the ability to get up early and the station master. Or now that there are few profitable stations. The early stationmaster has the king of admin5. And Admin5 editor in chief, hadron, outdated, refused to Dong Li, Guo Jijun and others, these owners are still very good to live, has achieved profitability. Often on the Internet to see how fast earnings, earn XXX a day, so I basically do not look at such information. They are making hits, if they can not achieve profitability in here roistering. Today, in line with the exchange of mind, I talk about 3 years of experience in the station.

1. site to identify core competencies. What is the core competition, the surface meaning is that they do not have what you have, or is the core technology. I have also discussed this issue with Lu Xucheng, the entrepreneur, who often followed Mr. Niu Wenwen’s knowledge of entrepreneurship. His conclusion is: the core competitiveness is in their own resources under the condition of how to maximize at the lowest cost to win the best customer experience and earn money in their own core competitiveness is how to maximize the resources at the lowest cost to win customers the best experience and money. I think so, too. Therefore, we must find out the core competitiveness of the website, determine the core competitiveness, and strive to maximize the core competitiveness.

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2. Some people say that I would like to do a website more than Sina, better than Baidu, better than Tencent do. Then find a bunch of things that are bad for others. Things like this aren’t real. Sina, Baidu, and Tencent are companies that have been precipitated by the Internet bubble. To make such a big system costs so much and doesn’t report it at all. The creation is not done, and all are dead. When you are doing a website, you can start on-line from a small website and several functions. Make adjustments according to user needs. When you make a very powerful function, it may have been eliminated by the user. So don’t want to go beyond these sites. Concentrate on one’s own affairs.

3., do your own understanding of the industry. This is very important, gehangrugeshan, how can you not understand the industry see industry doorways? Not positioning the direction of the website. A headless fly can only hit everywhere, and can’t even touch a stone across the river. Besides, you should update the relevant content every day. Can you keep it updated for more than one year, and don’t do it yourself?.

4. don’t follow the mainstream. A lot of people in the past

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