To make the website bigger we must understand and familiar with the industry

on an article, I wrote my personal experience: do website, must choose quasi theme, must be small and fine. Then, after the topic selection, we have a direction in the website, and with the direction, everything is easy to handle. What we need to do next is to understand and get familiar with what you do and collect all the information in this industry so that your information can be in the lead so that you can go further.

, just take my civil service exam forum. There’s a lot of work to do. First of all, we should collect some of the same industry websites and forums to understand their profit model, features, website size, their keywords and so on. Simply speaking, it’s about competitors.

then think about which way suits you. You can learn a lot from your competitors. This will avoid many detours.

, then, is to get a better understanding of what you do. As the civil service exam, divided into the national civil service examinations and local civil service examinations, and the local civil service examination is divided into 31 provinces, so it must collect the national civil service examination official website address, and 31 local civil service examination of the personnel department official address, so as to get there for the first time from the examination of information. To do the official website of a recruitment information, your web site also can immediately update, release, recruitment articles out, so that you can lead in the information.

then to collect the renowned training institutions, such as the figure, in the public network, such a tutorial articles to your site is the source of the. Do web site, content is kingly, so must have its own content source.

next to understand, the civil service exam process is what, the examinee will pay attention to what?. In particular, the candidates concerned, you send the post, the title will bring these popular keywords, you will be in the search engine performance will be very good. Just like my website, is now in the second place in Baidu search, "civil service forum" and "civil service examination forum". Every day from these two words can come a lot of IP.

above is some of my experience, to make the site bigger and better, must understand and familiar with their own industry. In the next article, I’ll introduce how to use SEO to improve the rank and weight of the website.

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