Webmaster blessed China UnionPay 09 years strategic adjustment

270 billion yuan of China’s online payment market usher in new predators". Today, Tencent reported that China UnionPay has made important strategic adjustments to promote online payment services included in this year’s priorities.

UnionPay has not yet officially announced this adjustment. But the union official told the Beijing morning news reporters, UnionPay subsidiary specializing in online payment service CHINAPAY (e-payment Service Co. Ltd.) is the recent parent company’s assistance, carry out promotional activities in key areas of the country. Last week, they held a promotion meeting in Beijing. Representatives of more than 30 businesses, including Dangdang, NetEase, Wangfujing department store and Air China, were represented.

China’s online payment market is experiencing explosive growth. According to iResearch statistics, last year, the market size of 274 billion 300 million yuan, an increase of 181% over the previous year. Alipay and caifutong and other private third party payment companies to provide payment interface for businesses and consumers, to achieve the "brush" a variety of bank cards in the online consumer, play online UnionPay "role.

, however, UnionPay, though operating exclusively under the Internet, has long been silent on the internet. CHINAPAY was founded in 2002 and has been operating in a low profile. The companies have admitted that in terms of market share, the third party payment "boss" is Alipay, the second is caifutong, third is CHINAPAY. Many well-known businesses such as Dangdang, Amazon and Jingdong mall, etc., are currently not connected to UnionPay online payment interface.

UnionPay accepted the deputy general manager of the marketing department, Jianguo said publicly that CHINAPAY would like to become an online payment national team". In fact, the literal translation of the English name CHINAPAY is "China pays", and its market goal speaks for itself. The real trust, to union existing domestic and foreign resources, technical strength and brand influence, "strategy" is not difficult to achieve. At present, the union offices in key provinces and cities of China, have partners in 61 overseas countries and regions, this is CHINAPAY "waterside pavilion". As far as brand is concerned, the vast majority of bank cards in China are stamped with "UnionPay" logo, and some merchants regard UnionPay directly as a banking institution with high credit costs. The background, the union president Xu Luo Ren Deyuan China people’s bank payment and settlement secretary, CHINAPAY chairman Liu Yongchun, former deputy director of the central bank to pay the Department of science and technology.

is facing the challenges from China UnionPay, third party payment company said, previously, in order to cultivate online consumer habits and develop the market, many private companies make great efforts and capital investment, latecomers should not simply "peaches". CHINAPAY payment service manager Lu Yihua affirmed that UnionPay would not price war and would not simply compete with other institutions by price.

this adjustment is absolutely webmaster, especially online shopping mall, B2C platform webmaster a gospel. Whatever execution >

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