The innovation of online collection sites puts good articles into the box

social bookmarking (Social Bookmark) is a web site that provides online bookmarking services. Also known as the "network" and "network favorites," said simply is the network version of the ordinary IE favorites, it provides convenient, efficient and easy to use online web site collection, management and sharing. So users can own love page to establish the corresponding classification stored in the site registered account, so that from the local computer limit at any time and any place through any computer terminal storage, access and manage their own web site, and realize the sharing between different users and RSS subscriptions, and based on the label (Tag Web search). To provide users with a convenient, efficient and easy to use online web site collection, management, sharing function.

with the explosion in the amount of Internet information, users waste precious time on filtering large amounts of "junk pages". Social bookmarking does help change that. But no matter what kind of market, the most taboo is saturation and lack of innovation. Online collection of a large number of sites, almost all in the direction of homogenization, the pattern of a single repetition, lack of innovation, the natural market will be volatile. Google bookmarks, QQ bookmarks, Baidu collection, watercress bookmarks, fresh fruit, shrimp, each kind of online collection service have gathered a certain user, but to have a breakthrough, further development, become the market leader, now it seems that it seemed that no one can do. Plus in recent years, Firefox, opera, surf, increasing the window of the world and three party browser market share, online collection service itself is huge for social bookmarking website impact, account login directly in your browser, you can collect and manage your bookmarks, and online collection of the same function, but it is more convenient, relying on the browser user base and its viscosity, so that now the online collection sites to break even more difficult.

Web2.0 never lacks interaction, only unexpected and impossible. Social bookmarking online collection sites want to break through, not just limited to the collection of Web sites, but innovative thinking, the development of more innovative services. There is now a, an innovative article collection feature. The user account registration website can be a key collection on the Internet do you think a good article, is different from other sites, box is not a simple collection of a web site, "but the automatic analysis system, the main content of the article is to crawl over. So do not worry about the collection of Web site invalid or can not open it. At the same time, you can also edit, annotate, mark, add color, key lines and so on to collect the articles, just like to do the reading notes, so that you can better manage and absorb knowledge. By sharing the features, you can also see "more experienced people" sharing the collection and taking notes to make you better knowledge. Treasure box original collection of innovative and online notes service, accurately seize the needs of specific market users, the good article into the box, to become your personal "knowledge box" >!

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