Students had become a billionaire

within five years, Jiangsu Bunning Technology Co. Ltd has become one of the most important areas of the East China IDC service provider, 2007 sales revenue reached 110 million yuan. Xu Yizheng also completed the transformation from poor students to billionaires. And that’s just the beginning. The young college student has started to enter the B2B, B2C and service outsourcing industries, and is preparing to build two 10 floor headquarters buildings in Nanjing, waiting for the company to be listed.

Xu Yizheng most admired business leaders is the grand Chen Tianqiao, he almost cloned gene Chen Tianqiao, and Chen Tianqiao is like Chen Tianqiao and start empty-handed, short time to grow into a billionaire, as much as virtue, competent and decisive, look for opportunities to go. Interpretation of successful people, this is the best opportunity for latecomers copy opportunities. Learning to be involved in imitation is a quick way for college students to succeed.

work study program found business opportunities

many old people will look back on their own life: each person has one or two very good opportunities in his life. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know how to seize it, and he has lived through it. Xu Yizheng in an interview with reporters admitted that he can have today’s achievements, because the opportunity to enter the industry very well. What a casual chance this may happen, believing that most people do not mind it and drift away like a small boat floating on the river like time.

in 2003, at the Southeast University junior Xu Yizheng, met a Nanjing University graduate friend, "my personal relationship with his good, then to a service outsourcing company he started learning C++ language development, also is the work." This work study thoughts and experiences, many college students have experienced, mostly to get a paper internship internship certificate and then went back into the school cafeteria, classrooms, library 3.1 life ended. But Xu Yizheng found a big business opportunity.

The original

Xu Yizheng when doing software development, often need to use the server to test program, and his intern and not too much strength to buy a large server cluster, so you need to rent from time to time. In this process, careful Xu Yizheng found, to find the server rental company is not easy, but the North has several large companies such as network, but because Nanjing is in the south, which belongs to the telecommunications sphere, and the loan company mostly with Netcom server room. North South interoperability led to the user experience is not ideal situation, let Xu Yizheng come up with an idea: if I set up a rental server company in Nanjing, then the service experience will certainly be better.

, advertising companies, software companies, Internet Co, and other companies that need access to the Internet should have a big demand for IDC." Xu Yizheng was excited as soon as he thought it was a big market, as if he had found a big gold mine. Of course, the idea is good, but when Xu >

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