Personally Facebook won’t be successful in China

Facebook in the United States and other countries the success does not mean his model applies to countries all over the world or nation, Chinese have too many differences with the west, thinking habits, historical and cultural, economic development level etc.. So I don’t think the Facebook model will be successful in China, at least not as successful as in the United states. For our domestic SNS, has been in a very confused stage. Because at first we are copy abroad, and now the typical successful case is on campus. Some time ago, I read a book written by an engineer of Facebook. It probably means "there is a website called campus in China, and even the design of page CSS is the same as that of Facebook".

the most important reason is: do not meet the Chinese Internet users use Internet habits.

1, most netizens in China are still in the forum BBS application era,

                forum become the representative of application, China Web2.0 mode regardless of all walks of life, all kinds of people, all kinds of topics have their own forum, Discuz free forum program is to promote the development of our forum, we have the habits of Internet users are also affected very large. I see a lot of domestic SNS websites, Internet users in the use of the time or more as a forum to use, the group / circle topic as key posts, and hope more people to follow up, while ignoring the core SNS "people relationship oriented". This makes it difficult for SNS sites to exploit their strengths, so it is difficult to attract and retain people, and it is likely that they will eventually return to the forum to continue their habitual online behavior. These users will think the same forum can meet the SNS service, and they more used the forum mode, love to see their posts are top scold, love into the pages of a topic list, they will think the forum can exchange, dating, release, map and watch the video. In this way, SNS is only a pure trend, and it is difficult to give up the use of forums after trying. It is easy to get tired of SNS, and it has been abandoned for a long time.

2, our Internet users are not good or not used to creating their own content,

                we can see that in addition to the individual website, many of the domestic SNS sites in UGC do not exist are not good, what is the quality of the content, full screen scrolling is more personal information or dynamic webgame, which in my opinion it is of no value. The quality of the content here is not necessarily to refer to the long winded classical originality, but to the content created by all the users themselves

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