SEO has no bitter lesson to adhere to

"SEO insisted I believe we are very familiar with this sentence! Familiar is because a lot of people to say, but we have no experience of this sentence? In SEO for a long time, I recently considered a deep understanding of this sentence, is a painful the lesson for me today, my experience to share with everyone, hope you all!


first contact with the industry, just listen to the elder said: "the SEO is a kind of thought, SEO’s victory is to adhere to this idea, execute" at that time, although do not know much about SEO, but highly motivated, keep learning every day, the content of the chain to do, although very tired. But because the work is full of passion, it has always insisted made achievements: several key words on the website home page, the page also has many rankings, of course web traffic has improved greatly.

every webmaster to see their efforts paid off, certainly very excited, I also like this, see their work with the results, the natural excitement everywhere yelling, and every day in the non-stop to view the ranking flow, immersed in the joy. At this point every day, but also continue to adhere to the previous work, but the heart relaxed, because the boss gave me a lot of affirmation of the work, I also think that a little achievement, the pressure is not so great.

in fact, everyone knows, SEO’s work is very boring, to insist on immutable and rigid, is indeed a challenge to the persistence of the webmaster. I as a novice webmaster, can not withstand the test! At that time, site is ideal, so every day I no longer like before, intentions to write articles and send the chain, often deal with the type to do the work, sometimes even found some sense of articles or news interest, will take the same day the work delay a lot, learning English is also small, such as webmaster forum where it does not often go to, in general, was a victory filled head feel completely forgotten "SEO should insist on this principle.

because of no experience, think that as long as the website ranking is up, will stick to the line, although in the forum also seen people shout "the site was K, ranking off like", but have no exact understanding of this, continue to indulge their slack, easily passed every day it is leisurely,


but in the website ranking to the good times don’t last long, a big update after more than a month, ranking off, the weight of the article page is also low, the natural flow of a substantial decline, I saw this situation, began to worry! Because there is no customer traffic sources, the boss is certainly looking for me!

began to re start the rescue attitude adjustment, to find a cause, or after the elders advice, know the chain before I fell down a lot, so it will be right down, the reason of course is that time I slack, do not adhere to the chain.

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