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I recently saw a lot of stations have adopted pseudo original method, and even use pseudo original auxiliary tools to improve work efficiency. Good use of tools is important, but relying solely on tools, it loses the significance of the update. In addition, there are some of the site structure confusion, there are many scripting language errors, which is very detrimental to the search engine. The author today and webmaster discuss how to improve the quality of the site.

, the overall layout of the site. Simply speaking, the layout of the page. At present, div+css structure is the mainstream, and it is more friendly to search engine. Site structure to clear, reasonable content classification, link switch is convenient, will not let the user come in, such as into the maze, can not touch the direction. Try to avoid invalid links at the same time. Website style should be more harmonious and unified, for example, literature website should make people realize the poetic and romantic flavor.

two, original content. Original content has always been one of the important criteria for search engines to evaluate the quality of websites. Not only does the search engine like it, but the users also like it. Webmaster in the update site, must stand in the user’s point of view, release user demand information. If you keep on doing it, it will pay off. If your job is just copy and paste, then your station fix is going to fail. So originality is very important.

three, the website avoids invalid link. A web site development to a certain stage, certainly there will be a lot of internal links. Lead to users can not open the page, but do not know this seriously affect the mood of users browsing the web, causing users to drop back rate. The webmaster in content must carefully check the internal links, or use the site chain inspection tools for regular physical examination. For a long time, I believe the website will be better and better.

four, keep the frequency of site updates. It’s normal for webmasters to spend more time in front of the station. If webmasters have many websites in hand, they can make plans and update regularly. Avoid fishing for three days, two days in the sun. For example, if you have time to update today, you can leave the website aside when you don’t have time. This will reduce the search engine included, harmful to themselves. Moreover, the site has no new blood injection, and the number of visitors will gradually decrease.

five, select high-quality backlinks. Many webmaster will increase their number of links every day, but rarely pay attention to the quality of each other’s Web site. It’s not sensible to do that. Because once the other side of the site was K, will certainly be implicated in their website. External links do not lie in many, but in essence. I hope the webmaster in the web site construction must be careful.

in short, always from the user’s point of view to do web site, to meet user needs, increase user experience. I believe you are not far away from success.

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