How do you plan a website with important user experience and good user experience

see some website operators articles on the Internet, mentioned a may be the most is the user experience, the user is supreme principle of no doubt is the most fundamental principle of website operation, because in the end you do operation is to allow users to convert, why users will be transformed? Because the user experience is comfortable, demand be satisfied. How can we make the user feel comfortable enough to make a lot of friends? Operation day and night, cudgel thinking, brains. User experience optimization throughout the operation of various corners, such as how to write a good copy, so that users interested in how to interact with users, so that users stay. Today I would like to share with you how to start a user experience from a user’s needs. In fact, the reason for writing this article is because my friend asked him before, and here I want to share my ideas. I hope to help more operators. All right, let’s get started.

doesn’t know if you’ve had any experience like this:

have a website you look comfortable? Is there a website you go in future will be willing to stay for a long time, browse more pages? Is there a website article format makes you feel very comfortable? Is there a web site layout makes you feel very clear, at a glance you can find what you want? Is there a website that lets you have a collection of bookmarks into the next open directly?……

in fact, there’s only one reason for all of the above: it makes your experience comfortable, and that’s what I’m going to talk about today — UEO,


1. What is user experience optimization?


In fact,

user experience Optimization (UEO) has many interpretations outside, here do not want to say those tall on the concept, in my mind, the user experience Optimization in a word: by all means, make the user feel comfortable! Let the user feel comfortable in the middle of the process we call user experience optimization;

says a scenario helps you understand the importance of user experience Optimization:

, many of our small partners may be unfamiliar with search engine optimization (SEO), and SEO is a series of ways to improve our ranking of keywords in search engines. A lot of friends once asked me: how exactly can I figure out the Baidu’s ranking rules? I can only say that Baidu’s ranking rules are not clear to you, because he is ever-changing. But no matter how he changes, there is a constant, that is, he wants to make the user comfortable, only the user comfortable, others will use his product.

so all Baidu ranking rules actually ultimate goal is in the process of user experience optimization, which is why a lot of SEO cattle were increasingly concerned about the causes of internal site optimization, if you are still concerned about Baidu’s ranking rules, I can only say that one day you will die.

to catch the ultimate goal of the search engine, and then you want >

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