Hobbies are the basic of keeping websites

website, first of all, from their own interests and hobbies, so that you will insist on doing their own station, and insist on doing what you like. If you see what others do well and make money, you follow it. You don’t have to do it. Even if you are tired half dead, continuous collection, non-stop COPY, the content of the site to succeed, not necessarily you can enjoy the fun of doing station. What’s more, what you collect or what COPY is, you don’t get much benefit in search.

is now standing, than before, much easier, more convenient, a large number of source code download, a large number of CMS, you apply for a domain name, a space, you can make a website, but you don’t think you have a domain name, a space, feel that they are the real owners the.

website, with their own interests and hobbies, do a good station, you need a long-term process of persistence, in order to achieve the desired effect. Don’t think you can reach hundreds of IP every day when the site is built. You have to make websites useful and useful to others. Then, this useful and necessary thing must be what you are interested in. If you don’t like the content on the website, how can you do it? You don’t like, would not be hard to study, only to the site on the East West copy a little, a little scrape, do down the web site, a few months, maybe you don’t even want to go to.

I’ve done my own website for years, and I’ve made dozens of websites, but none of them can survive for a long time. The reason is that what I do is not what I like. Today I see other people make beautiful pictures, stand to make money, flow big, I also do; tomorrow see see others make makeup, weight loss station has benefit, I also go to one. After a few months, people were too tired to work. But to see the website every day on dozens of IP, half of which is on their own QQ on the web site, let others point, think of these, really some regret. Because these things are not what I like at all, so when I do it, I don’t want to update it. Even if I update it, I don’t know what to update. Now, I turn off my four or five CMS stations at a breath, calm down, when it’s okay, do some HTML, study JS, and rediscover the fun of doing a few years ago in these content.

above these content, may be a lot of webmaster look after disdain expression, this is also very understanding. Whether a station, a success or not, who have not worked? Even if you stop doing well, one day there are tens of thousands of IP, but the content, you don’t love the content, you can stick with it, I think, at this time the reason why you held down is a word: money! But this long is not long, there is no development, that only you know.

by the way, AD, the night before yesterday, I had collected some of my previous collections, most of which were HTML, J>

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