Big bird dialogue autumn female webmaster growing pains

for the webmaster circle, female webmaster is always a special topic, they are rare but indispensable, they may not have excellent technical content but always concern, remember in the Admin5 to build a webmaster group occasionally some sort of dirty jokes, or someone will ask: this girl group


male dominated the webmaster circle, actually very eager for women to join in, not the so-called pulling people into the water, but the industry is too monotonous, need to have specific coordination, as the saying goes: "men and women collocation, working not tired so that only a few famous female webmaster, it is a few stationmaster industry platform frequent speculation.

has a female webmaster Yan Qiu recently in Admin5, as a new website, she actively contribute to seek the help of Admin5, master: "who can help me to teach my friend told the site", the new site difficult to use plain language, hoping to get help to etc.. When the article came out, the editor will Admin5 new help plate address attached to the article after, I hope to be able to give her some help.

The results of

in April 4th, "I was innocent who bully a female webmaster injured Yan Qiu post again, because the QQ data may be changed, many owners are active her think she is in the use of Admin5 platform, the use of female identity webmaster speculation. Attack, abuse, ridicule and so on blowing, and Yan autumn again post, just want to return a clean.

bird in the first time linked to the events of the heroine Yan Qiu, chat between the lines can be seen from this caused a great impact on it, after all if it is true for both men and women should be given some help, if ridicule remarks not a girl with QQ that is too utilitarian strong


personal webmaster always complaining, complaining about the national policy, complain that the hacker attacks, complaining about taking the unscrupulous advertising alliance complain buckle quantity, blame, he will do the dumpster, acquisition, group chat, looking for a way to cheat.

female webmaster can not be like men stay up all night, not the same loyalty match like men, in the normal process need to have enthusiastic people help, if you are busy, you can choose to remain silent, but if you decide to meet my friend, then please in speech, behavior appropriate respect.

once again wish Yan Qiu website can do better, and actively expand the accumulation of cyber source their own ideas, also hope that all readers can be polite and basic training, after all, a harmonious atmosphere of network, we must rely on each stationmaster must comply with the maintenance, and our circle of brothers and sisters, also need to our love and care.

respect each webmaster, is to respect yourself.

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