Baidu finally included my page two months ago

Hello, from the last time I was in the Admin5 has been two months, during which site every day, every time is two words: down! I’ve done before is a PW station, there was a lot of people are saying it is very hard to stop Baidu included, so I gave up my road station, change the entertainment station, and do a lot of the chain, but still have not been included, just get up this morning, the first thing to do is go to the Baidu site, unexpectedly collected my "home", why is this page to quotes, I carefully looked at the web pages included the original time is March 24th, the home is still doing it when I stand page. You can look at

I analyzed that Baidu grabbed my page two months ago and has been testing it until now. There is a very important reason, that is the Baidu alliance, About Baidu included and Baidu alliance that has a lot of, holding the psychological luck for Baidu alliance, did not expect less than a week was included, I can only say, Baidu is very selfish, always so care for their products I think, if I do the Ali Mama advertising, this life also don’t want to be included.


brothers who were not included, I think your website may have on Baidu library, through a series of Baidu products, such as Baidu, Baidu, Baidu alliance will release your page. Although just included my two months ago page, but I am still very happy, this is a good start after all, so the first time to share with you, ha ha,


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