ndividual stationmaster does not want ideal and youth bet on the website have sense

Original: "personal Adsense, don’t put ideal and youth bet on the website"

            in Chinese you mustn’t think you can do for a stable life and high income, you must not feel what is the Internet elite, that other people rushing in reality have no future.

in China you mustn’t think you can sell insurance for a stable life and high income, you must not feel what is the business elite, think about the people in the service industry will have no future.

in Chinese you must not think that the Internet can get a stable life and high income, you do not feel more is the leader of the service industry, think back and forth in the sales industry where people have no future.

concluded that eating a bowl, and looked at the people in the pan, always feel that others earn money better, typical picking up lost watermelon sesame, runs the risk of a few years later you still only a bowl, but it was chaotic, it is full filled with Noodles with Soy Bean Paste, line as the industry life, survival of the fittest, not eliminated, only a stick is also fearless; no fool, perfect person, Ma is also we make network people say, industry leader also said yesterday so did not know which fruit is not Robin Li, so the Internet is not, you do not. Because you pick the sesame lost watermelon, you will never have the pot filled with crabs, he well, the ancients used now, no reason for it.

don’t know if you know, we Chinese millions of websites, 70% is a person in the operation, even a project team are not, and have to bear a website all the development, operation and promotion tasks, how many personal webmaster in zero after Jujing will still lie in God in front of the computer. Usually in addition to sitting in front of the computer is to eat and sleep (if there are other people cooking, so you have been tired in that kind of rest, not tired immediately sitting in front of the computer’s state).

friends, you may really have no contact with other industries, you sell clothing, opened a restaurant, open bar, can be careless with effort, you are happy, there is no pie in the sky. In other words who are a step up, if not, Ma after zero was still lying in front of the computer, it can be concluded that he ma can have today’s success that is absolutely accidental; attitude decides everything, what is man, man is can take you to the mountain, for those who love you carry their lives and the future.

is more terrible, the interpersonal relationship will bring you in contact with a single, in addition to online who never met the webmaster, your circle of friends small and single, or even destroy your original love (imagine, because your website, can not accompany girlfriend, your girlfriend is not for you to squirm).


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