Female college students to return to the countryside to support the annual income of one million

who said that college graduates have to grab a good job to find a good job to get an iron rice bowl? There is a very special girl after graduating from college to start their own business, but also to return to the countryside to raise pigs, it sounds incredible, but the little girl now has a few million a year of income!

jumped out of the farm gate

she admitted to the village, the annual income of 100 thousand yuan

Zhang Xumei is the Dragon Dragon Village town of Chongqing City, 33 year old folks in her eyes, is a legendary woman. In 90s, Zhang Xumei with excellent results, was admitted to the Sichuan Deyang police, become the village a few college students. read more

Clothing store business to make money small coup

clothing market is hot, a lot of people want to open a clothing store, but the fierce competition in the market to bring pressure on entrepreneurs. Clothing store business what money small coup? Here are some tips to make money, I hope everyone can learn some skills.

, a foil contrast contrast, didn’t know what choice of clothing is worth buying, a lot of times, people in the purchase of clothing, business will shilly-shally, do not know what kind of clothes is good, it is because no other clothing can be used as a contrast. So, if you can use a clothing shop contrast method, can naturally promote the customer’s determination to buy, and convenient for customers to choose the right affordable clothing. In the main push clothing next to the comparability of relatively strong clothing, such as silk clothing next to the placement of false silk fabric clothing, so that they can facilitate the comparison and identification of customers, so that customers will readily buy. More customers are willing to spend more money to buy good quality products. read more

Cosmetics stores to decoration

cosmetics market is obvious, many consumers pay attention to the choice of high-quality cosmetics, cosmetics can make skin more healthy women, along with the development of the cosmetics industry, increasingly fierce market competition, it also blocked a lot of entrepreneurs to invest. However, in today’s market, each industry is the survival of the fittest, entrepreneurs choose other industries can not have more advantages. In order to be able to gain advantage in the market, beauty cosmetics stores need to do their own decoration, so as to attract more consumers. read more

From the glass to the net worth tens of millions of experience

look at this topic is not very surprised, the glass can become a millionaire? Do not do not believe that this is a true story, let Xiaobian I take you to see what is going on.

he came alone from the countryside to the city, only junior high school graduation, the body is very thin, only to find some light physical work. He went to a cleaning company, the main work is to clean the glass, the company management board and lodging, 300 yuan monthly salary.

he was satisfied, and he worked very hard. Someone asked him: "you are so small, why not go to school at home, come out to make money?" He said: "my family is poor, my father paralyzed, mother farming, the family did not have money for me to go to school, my culture is too low, can have this job has been very satisfied, but also to send home a little money every month." read more

Anhui home entrepreneurs can get up to 2 million yuan secured loans

in order to encourage entrepreneurship, the state launched a venture guarantee loans to support this policy, in terms of capital to solve the problem of lack of economic strength entrepreneurs. Anhui province this year specifically for the return of entrepreneurs to provide a more powerful loan assistance, the highest offer 2 million yuan of venture capital loans.

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E bag wash daily order breakthrough 100 thousand single is how to do

now, want to let an old brand regain Lai is not only the need of new, innovative. A 85 after the product manager to let an old brand of traditional laundry company, from the old bacon into small meat, why? This is the story of e bag wash. April 25, 2015, 1 and a half years on the line e bag wash daily orders to break through the single 100 thousand, equivalent to 1000-2000 laundry orders throughout the day.

10 million, not only on behalf of the Rongchang mobile Internet transformation in its effectiveness, but also indicates the future e wash bags may become a platform level products, CEO Lu Wenyong even for the planning and development goals: to reach 200 thousand years, next year and strive to exceed 1 million single. read more

Disabled Yang Fangling hard work to increase family income

if only a slight disability, choose to embark on the road of entrepreneurship, which may not be surprising. However, the hero is a multiple disabilities, years of hard work, bear the burden of the family, in order to increase the family income and the continuous efforts, this is Yang Fangling.

Yang Fangling, male, born in 1963, illiterate, who lives in the town of Xinhuang, the village of the slope of the village. He was born with mental retardation, language barriers, unable to communicate with people, unable to express their emotions, can not integrate into the life of a large family. read more