The use of PHP site experience

recently in the use of php+mysql space station, a problem first discovered by the program directory is listed on the occasion, depressed consult our foreign teacher, GG, that is.Htaccess file problems, summed up online for detailed documentation.Htaccess. Now share with you.

if the column directory of the web site is created, create a file.Htaccess file in the root of the web site.

creates a.Htaccess file, now creates a text document locally, then writes the following command in the document, uploads it to the FTP space, and changes the name in the FTP space. read more

The interesting test attracting method of WeChat public powder adding technique

many friends are running WeChat public number, many fans do not say. Some people WeChat public number fans only a few dozen, even hundreds of, all day long also in the WeChat public number released content. They think that as long as they insist on updating the content, fans will gradually increase, but how long will this take


yesterday, I saw an article about my friend sharing in WeChat. The article looked at the introduction of the hot pot material. It’s not good. Normally, an article in the WeChat public will just publish an article and remind users of the public numbers. read more

The highest sunrise 5000 yuan cargo experience sharing

The first point is

, my Taobao reputation is more than 30, if the remittance is also counted as the credibility of the words, the day I stop to shop together so far is 1568 pen, the website I sell the total order amount is 40 thousand yuan, but we do not open, also said I was to sell no, oh! Veterans do not have to read, because it may have experienced all experienced.

half mixed in Taobao, in March of this year from the shop to the end of August. During this period the gains and losses, is to make some friends to learn something lost is lost a lot of time to rest, but personally feel that it is worth. Later, probably at least half a year no longer shop, and today summed up the six months of intravenous drip, and share with you. The first time to write an article and write poorly, please forgive me. read more

Young people are the main reason for failure

aggressive young people is their entrepreneurial motivation, but also cause failure. Often successful entrepreneurs are relatively stable, mature thinking. Young people are the main force of entrepreneurship, they have passion and vitality, but sometimes often too good idea, always the process of entrepreneurial ideals, often lead to failure!

is too good

because young people lack of social experience, often blindly optimistic, without adequate psychological preparation. For the frustration and failure in the shop, many shop owners feel very miserable, even depressed depression. We used to shop, see the success of the example, the state of mind is idealistic. In fact, there are more failures behind success. See success, but also to see the failure, this is the real market, the only way to make the young shop owners become more rational. read more

WeChat public number of events operations small experience sharing

nonsense not say, brother here about how fast growth fans display slight skill before an expert, I have some ideas. Here to share with you, I hope you can give advice. Personally, I think there are a few key points to be quickly attracted to fans:

must first have an accurate positioning of the media itself. You can not put all eyes were over, after all, everyone has different tastes, so give yourself a accurate positioning, it is particularly important, which directly means you this public platform for which a class of people, which is a fan of the location. So you have to work on this kind of person according to your own position, and try to attract their attention. For example, you are engaged in wine advertising, then the positioning itself is flagship information about wine category push, as well as information about the relevant subsidiary industry push. So you can figure out where your fans are, mainly wine vendors, consumers of alcoholic products, and so on. If you’re in the wine category and you’re pushing some real estate related information, do you think that’s going to work? Are you interested in buying a real fan? read more

Yang Junsheng network promotion strategy and analysis thinking

1, determine the target

No matter what is the promotion of

products, you must first determine what is the purpose of promotion in the promotion before? In order to improve the site’s traffic flow? PV? User registration number? Consultation? Volume? Brand? Reputation? With the goal of promotion has a direction, so as to analyze what way of promotion for you, not blindly make a mess. As long as you targeted promotion is redoubled, because you know what you want to do, want to achieve what purpose, through what way to achieve this goal, along the way and go on OK. Of course, we should also pay attention to the feasibility of the target. read more

nterpretation of 360 to entrepreneurs

was 360 search online yesterday, and 1st anniversary, 360 search launched two new features: my search and desktop quick search. Desktop shortcut search built-in 360 security guards, directly press two Ctrl key can call, operation is very convenient.

360 search on-line for a year, has won 20% of the market share, the market share is expected to increase in the future, reaching 30% should be only a matter of time.

360 security guards from the road, met with many industry giants, if this process used to describe the bloody, may not be too much, so many people feel puzzled, why the final winner is 360? Why not a giant can stop the steps of 360 read more

How to take away from WeChat massive users and traffic detonated social dividends four key laws

the user more and more "lazy" in action (such as subscription and open account), more and more dependent on the recommendation of friends (such as sharing is one of the recommended performance) to make a judgment to share.


in the social network, a rapid growth of the application or service, can at least occupy more than 90% market share in certain segments of.

the "short" Law: user input cost of time is shorter, more easily


the "new" Law: the more new play, the faster the read more

Do webmaster navigation have their own characteristics

today is the fifth day of the new year, I first to worship in the webmaster, I wish you all in the year of the ox, every webmaster bullish, the most favorable auspices, Google included Baidu included a lot more, every time PR update jiejiegao.

you know, now the Internet site navigation innumerable beyond count. Well, anything that can navigate at so many sites is coming out. It’s really a tough job. In fact, I know, everyone is trying to find a solution. But no more than what, hao123, 265, and so on site navigation. To tell the truth, we don’t have to pass them. We just do our own navigation, and do our own unique navigation. read more

Micro blog professional field personal webmaster opportunities

micro blog, professional field, personal webmaster opportunities,

in the field of popular micro blog, personal Adsense, no matter how fierce, but Sina and other chiefs, can be no exaggeration to say that individual Adsense is no chance, but in the professional field, it is different. These professional areas, this big brother has no time to attend to, and now the various fields of professional or blank, micro blog, professional field, personal webmaster opportunities.

what micro blog


although it was called "the year of micro-blog" in 2009, it is still necessary to introduce the micro blog. read more