The new concept of the chain to make the chain one click

said the invalid links said effective links, a link is the normal search engine included but also can click on to your site. What is the link activity? We all know the principle of love Shanghai clicks it, is a website click on the number of people, it is a hot love Shanghai, love is the user, then the weight will be the site of the automatic increase keyword ranking will be in front. Link active degree of this principle is that you, your home page links clicked by the user. The more you this link is useful to the user, of course, the search engine will calculate the user on this page you stay in the long time, then you go through this page other pages. Of course, this requires a good layout of the web page, if you click on a link, users stay longer, withdrawal rate is low, so that a search engine will judge you on this link is the needs of the user, the natural keywords ranking will also link front. This is our pursuit of the chain, which is what we call the link active degree, also is our pursuit of the one click, can bring the flow of the chain. read more

Discussion on determining factors ranking

3, the impact on the ranking of

criticism! keyword density

1, update effect on keyword ranking

for a web site, there are many determinants of keyword ranking, you may see a lot of this article, has said that the link space, form, also said the chain. The study site was more than a year, although it is a rookie, but also do not want to go to the others, so I don’t understand the profound knowledge, nor to personally tested. Today I speak a few decisions ranking several factors that are combined with his personal experience, I hope useful for beginners Shanghai Longfeng wrong, also want to be read more

Analysis of the local tourism website in the current trend of development of the nternet

from the current point of view, tourism website management system is very large, there are a variety of tourism management system, but many management systems are developed by the network company, realize the function are not as his own wish, especially for users and more Shanghai dragon cannot achieve its function. So I think, if you want to do a with all web sites, web site management system can establish a simple and versatile, CMS is currently the most appropriate, can be two times through the development of CMS as a tourist site, and can be completed online orders, payment function, the user can enter the website of the first moment you have to see the product website. read more

You don’t know the pioneers of China’s nternetSome of the usual mistakes made by webmasters in the

century, scientists Hu Qiheng to the United States for two years by the United States developed computer network shock, Hu keen to change the Internet to predict the future of the world. After returning home, when he was vice president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Hu Qiheng Quartet running, seeking the relevant departments to liberalize policy restrictions, the introduction of the Internet to China, encountered such as obstruction. After many years of efforts, until April 1994, the State Council approved the Internet into China, in 1995 to promote the relevant work. Later, in the Chinese Internet community, spread the words of Hu Qiheng: "the Internet into Chinese, not eight carry big sedan carried in, but came from the trail." read more

Love from Shanghai recently changed the importance of user experience

as shown in figure ICP the record information mainly shows in some industries the medical, financial industry is not, follow-up will involve more risk industries. In order to improve the user experience, reduce user selection risk.

, November 5th – linked to the sale behavior reminder, selling links will also hit

Four, November 15th – sitelink chain

". In China, the webmaster can say is by love in Shanghai. Change of love Shanghai is the webmaster always pay attention to the. Recently, Shanghai love Webmaster Platform — a Webmaster Help faster growth platform, November released 4 announcements. Look can be found in order to improve the user experience. To provide a good environment for Internet users. Let’s look at the four announcement: read more

Analysis of Shanghai dragon outside the chain of the importance of the construction under the new si

had many webmaster as long as forum to mix a account, the chain name sign a website, and then in each big forum reply to your post, you can get the number of the chain good, or to someone else’s blog on the release of the chain, the free meal now although also can eat, but for love Shanghai, so the construction of the chain is not equal to, or even to the site have side effects, so many owners can only choose the second Links and put a small amount of money to the other sites to send a soft Wen what, but the effect is not obvious. read more

A5 marketing the main reason of low rank classification platform B2B

sites have made a common mistake? An on-line millions or even tens of millions of data, the amount of data. This is the result: directly to scare the spider, also talk about what

often have some B2B platform for people to consult with my Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, first I asked the first sentence is: "your website is an individual, or a team doing?" if it is a personal site in here, I can only choose to refuse. Why? Team station is human, and the individual stations are using tools, a simple reason, what is most concerned about the search engine. read more

A very classic Shanghai dragon website optimization scheme

1. team division

Optimization of site

7. station optimization

(3) chain. A website weight is the content of the website, the other is the chain, the outer chain is the most direct means to improve the value of the site, the chain high weight, the site will be isolated, wine is also afraid of deep alley! Every day in the search engine spiders crawling content on the Internet, the chain high weight can bring a lot of traffic to the site, improve the site’s activity and weight.

I think you want to be successful optimizing a website must start from the following aspects: read more

Do not use the website optimization keywords accumulation

keyword stuffingKeywords Can do

has just started to do site optimization Xiaofeng lottery I also spent a lot of this method, I most often is the first and third, with the Shanghai dragon knew more and more deep, it was soon I decisively removed. I’m glad I did because I website lottery software, such practice problems, because time is short, has not been found in the search engine, can be said to be escaped ah, if a long time, the lottery website drop right or directly by the sea love K station is possible. read more

How can fast write a satisfactory optimization scheme

second to have the station optimization experience.

specifically written, use webmaster tools and webmaster tools love station, Chinaz is enough, the site of the site to do the good place, and the insufficient place, have a list, then the solution is to write out. And the reason and purpose of the writing, thus using the concept of meaning, so now many people will do SEO, asked him why he did this, but there are still a lot of people don’t know, I was one of them, so, since the optimization scheme of the list, I started learning the meaning of the concept, the concept of each get particularly well, do every step of work to find meaning in practice from. read more