How to increase the weight of their own website

is not equal to the weight of the rankings but had a large effect on the very top. The home of the largest weight function. So the home page keyword density, frequency control, do not stack keywords, anchor settings are carefully layout.

must say that love Shanghai search algorithm has changed the previous home page weight to drive within the page weight, now website optimization is not only to provide the first page of the weight on the line, the optimization of the inside pages slowly began to go beyond the home, because the weight of the contents provided > read more

The page with the same anchor text link can refer to multiple keywords

solutions in 2015 the most useful website right down, K, being black, being attacked optimization techniques and methods in the chain can improve the weights of the website deploymentOn the construction of the chain


website right down topics:

user experience: after studying these topics, as a webmaster you can understand how to do web user experience

secondsWebsite optimization !

first, the same page under the same keywords do not appear different links. Second, the same page under the same links do not appear different keywords. Third, the same page do not appear in different links of the same keywords. Fourth, the same page keywords links page text according to the demand and quality ratio. Fifth, the same page keywords links do not exceed 5, while including the core keywords and absolute information content, the title of the article link. Key words sixth, take home a website link in 80%, the absolute information index page can occupy 20%. Keywords multiple core seventh, web site optimization internal links to time. In section eighth, the main keywords for the topics under the keyword link. Ninth, page home page for links to the core keywords choice, column column address keywords to link to the high correlation of long tail keywords absolute path link. Tenth, web page links and internal links number and proportion of the overall need according to the web site in the search engine weights in the actual situation. This is more difficult to grasp, if not grasp what the website is very easy to fall right. read more

Love Shanghai cattle station optimization guide 50 days into the Shanghai dragon love Shanghai home

love Shanghai himself launched their own optimization guide, look at the title of the description, highlight the key natural concise, but not the slightest accumulation of keywords, it is like to love the Shanghai encyclopedia, everyone can be free to see the optimization about love under the Shanghai encyclopedia written by Wang Tong, the article is also very good characteristic. Of course, the description is the same. The layout of the page is a bit like Shanghai dragon why, this webmaster friends can be a lot of learning. In addition, keyword density, keywords layout is very reasonable appear naturally, this is we should pay attention to details. read more

On the analysis of several web site keywords ranking

love love Shanghai billboard Billboard Hot news are keywords, so to put this kind of keywords ranking to the front, then the flow can be tens of thousands, the general is the use of micro-blog marketing and.

analysis mainly focuses on the needs of key words, "


mining tool keyword mining tools very much, user-friendly tools but few, here I recommend the use of two mining tools: first, love Shanghai client, second words: Chase assistant, love Shanghai Shanghai sex client is bidding for the user are eligible to use, and after word keywords according to the assistant is love Shanghai search volume extracted, the two software is free software and relatively humanization. read more

Keywords for outdoor furniture made optimization analysis

1. collect more related articles, are of high quality, high readability and help the user.


for outdoor furniture made optimization strategy

A review of the

3. long articles divided into articles to publish.

2. to give the paper to the pseudo original again.

was originally going to abandon the station, because of paying too much time and effort is likely to eventually or The loss outweighs the gain. But recent customers chase too tight, at any time may request a refund, or I was unhappy with the final follow up this website. A website but was K drop right after, to restore is the need for a lengthy process, it may never regained weight. Site optimization process, ranking with too much uncertainty, we can only hope to insist on doing. read more

On site operation discuss the chain

I believe that no matter how the change of the search engine for the blog frequently, the attention is still there, then, can choose the current seven famous blog: Sina, Sohu, NetEase, Tencent, Tianya Tianya, and Hexun, before a management website, tried in the seven blog every day. An original, including Sina, Tianya, NetEase, and are included, will not see the Tencent, this also remind the webmaster, you can try to focus on several other opportunities will be relatively high, included.

library platform is relatively high, with commercial advertising through the Encyclopedia of Library rate we are there for blocking, so you may wish to choose other platforms, such as: Douding road passenger Baba, which included two is relatively good. read more

Pulse Jingdong CPS advertising online mallOnline education you can learn new technology and new medi

in such a situation, also told us a message: who has been struggling to complain about the lack of business model, grasp the user pain points online education practitioners, in fact, is the existence of a large number of user pain points on their side, they are mature enough to maintain online education before the arrival of survival business model. But they are in the impact of the trend of the environment, I do not know who can not grasp the user pain point, which is their product most suitable?. read more

Mao Xinhong how about the love out of the sandbox Shanghai Chutian Webmaster Station


‘s early, Chutian Webmaster Station PR 0, and to some of the same industry station do Links is relatively difficult, but Chutian Webmaster Station updated every day, stick to the text outside the chain growth, after three months Chutian Webmaster Station with rich contents, with good user experience and some owners began to exchange the Links Chutian webmaster station. Mao Xinhong have a lot of network consulting predecessors, they agreed that we Chutian Webmaster Station growth potential is very great! Later, they are given some suggestions and opinions on this, thank you! And Chutian Webmaster Station will also release the latest information as in the past, writing original article, can help to the new owners, to improve the operation level and the webmaster! Chutian Webmaster Station after a period of time, effort and persistence, finally noble baby PR upgrade to 3! Love the sea included thousands, outside the chain of powerful. Google now Chutian Webmaster Station weight is more and more high, the new red hair loss in the webmaster has to operate in the best state of mind read more

Love Shanghai clean up the nternet garbage confidence determination never wavered

two, the website should be novel. This is a very important point, if the page design to the user is different from before take on an altogether new aspect, he saw the site, then he will make a high score on this website.

for the love Shanghai algorithm adjustment. Good wine merchants Xiaobian that love Shanghai needs of the original article is to further enhance. But this is not absolute, we still can find a relatively high weight of the portal, they reproduced the original content, ranking is still very good included, but also the highest ranked. This would involve, want to love Shanghai in the search results page for the user to improve the quality of search results. After all, the weight of the high site, accumulation of users has reached a certain amount, they have a fixed group of users. But the user experience is a site to reach the height. read more

Wang Tong the 6 major factors influencing the search engine ranking

six factors affect the search engine ranking

search engines crawl web content, mainly on the site of the internal links to crawl, the design of internal web link structure more reasonable, the search engines will update conveniently, which helps to enhance the ranking.

search engine to determine your level in web pages based on URL, and give the different weights, so the website pages are designed to URL weight high URL.

on the search engine algorithm can not move, because the technology is only to implement people’s thinking, so I want to quickly understand the search engine algorithm, the first thing you need is the 100% station to the search engine perspective and analysis. read more