Alice is going back to the beginning in Resident Evil The Final

first_imgResident Evil: The Final Chapter promises to be the last installment in the Resident Evil (movie) series. Several times, in fact. The Resident Evil film franchise is wrapping up and that means Alice is headed back to Raccoon City to meet her maker, Dr. Alexander Isaacs (Game of Thrones‘ Iain Glen).As you can see above, Alice looks more than happy about it, too.Also returning are Ali Larter as Claire Redfield and Shawn Roberts as Albert Wesker, while Orange is the New Black‘s Ruby Rose joins the cast as Abigail.The Final Chapter will pick up where Resident Evil: Retribution left off, and just watching Alice hop a motorcycle and head back into the now decimated Raccoon City while Guns and Roses plays is enough to suck me right back in for another (is it really the final?) chapter.Resident Evil’s success is based on its ability to put butts in seats, create enough action to make it a fun ride, and put together a story that’s plausible enough (as far as video game movies go) to make sense so you can enjoy the ass-kicking, blood, guts, gadgets, and one-liners.The trailer alone is all of the above. Special kudos to whoever edited this, because it’s a thing of beauty.Also a thing of beauty? Milla Jovovich, who never looks happier than when she’s covered in dust, blood, and leather. She’s learned exactly what her strengths are as an actress and she’s made them work for her time and time again.Personally, I’m super excited to see Iain Glen and, now that I realize he’s been in the last two movies, I’m going to have to watch them this weekend just so I can make eyes at him. I have a Ser Jorah crush. I admit it.Resident Evil: The Final Chapter comes to theaters January of 2017, just in time for Resident Evil 7. I’ll just watch this trailer a few more times so I can stand the wait.last_img read more