Warriors’ rookie Alen Smailagic nearing G League debut

first_imgSAN FRANCISCO — Rookie center Alen Smailagic is practicing with the Warriors’ G League affiliate in Santa Cruz and could play as soon as Friday, Warriors coach Steve Kerr said Wednesday.Smailagic, the No. 39 pick in June’s draft, sprained his right ankle on the second day of training camp and has slowly progressed out of a walking boot and onto the court. After a few rehab workouts in Santa Cruz and Golden State, last week he began accelerated basketball activities before participating in …last_img read more

How 3 Companies Are Using Node.js

first_imgklint finley Node.js is still all the rage on the Web. But how is it actually being put to use? It’s still in its early stages of development, so in many ways its dangerous for production use. None the less, a few companies are already using it. Kevin McCarthy talked to three companies – Yammer, Proxlet and Bocoup – about how each one is using Node.js. Growing Phone Scams: 5 Tips To Avoid How to Write a Welcome Email to New Employees? Related Posts Tags:#hack#Tools Why You Love Online Quizzes Yammer – Yammer is using Node.js as a proxy for its API.Proxlet – Proxlet’s Chrome plugin is built entirely in JavaScript and MongoDB. It uses Node.js as its proxy.Bocoup – Bocoup built an IRC bot using Node.js that it uses for various purposes, such as logging and generating statistics.What are some other real world uses of Node.js? 7 Types of Video that will Make a Massive Impac…last_img read more

Your Next Big Professional Leap

first_imgThis is part of the “Hi, AleX” series — advice to AleX NetLit about enhancing her levels of network literacy through day-to-day personal and professional social networking. AleX Netlit is a fictional persona created by Network Literacy Community of Practice to serve as a guide to Military Families Service professionals, Cooperative Extension educators and others seeking to learn more about using online networks in their work.More about Alex NetLit Hi, AleX:I know you’re making great headway understanding this whole networking thing, and I venture to say that you’re close to your next professional leap.However, before you take this leap, you need to understand how this new networked environment is changing the way you work with your clients.leap – used under Creative Commons license from http://www.flickr.com/photos/jhf/3448454258/You will no longer be serving the normative role you once did.  Before the advent of networking, you were essentially one among a relatively select handful of vanguards who helped define standards on behalf of your clients.Now, you, like countless other people all over the world, are making the transition from a normative to nodal professional.  You be one of millions of nodes within a vastly extended informational network in which all sorts of people — experts and clients, or more accurately, former clients — interact within an information landscape that is more open and democratic than ever before.But that doesn’t mean you will lack value or that your role will be diminished. Far from it: you’re better prepared than many of your peers to operate in this new world because you have always prided yourself on building the skills that best equip you for your next leap.The new information order values people like you — the reason why you are well suited to serving two emerging and important roles as editor and curator.In case you haven’t noticed, despite all the remarkable strides that have been made in organizing and prioritizing knowledge on the Web, plenty of people are still threatened by it. They view all these algorithmically generated pages and they’re led to wonder: Is all this really what I’m looking for? Are these pages really the very best the Web has to offer me?Small wonder why the late Steve Jobs observed that there will be a greater need than ever for skilled editors to sift through this content and to improve it on behalf of end users.Many of your end users are no exception: they need help sifting through all this dense information.That’s where you have a valuable role to serve, AleX. You’ve spent years striving to be a trusted professional — that’s your strong suit.  The times are calling on you to take an even greater professional leap by transforming yourself into both an editor and curator.As writer Britanny Morin related recently, it takes a special person to be an editor, someone who can improve the Web-based content of others.  But it takes an unusually special person to be both an editor and a curator. By curator, I mean someone who can choose among the different sources of information to provide the best ones available to your end users, often adding new ideas and perspectives.Yes, skills and professional convictions fully equip you for this role, AleX.   As Morin so aptly describes it, you are one of those special professionals whom people can “relate to and trust and who have expertise, real life experiences, and the ability to filter through and share bold perspectives.”You are a natural-born editor and curator, AleX.Now go out and set the world on fire.Author: Jim LangcusterThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.last_img read more