Which Wii U games should you get A breakdown of the best

first_imgThe Wii U’s launch lineup includes a solid base of well-known multiplatform titles. Because you have the option of buying these games on other systems, you need to take care in choosing between them. Some of the titles on the launch list have been out for months, and their Xbox 360, PS3, or PC versions can be found cheaper than the $60 you’ll pay for a WiiU copy.Pricing isn’t a problem for Scribblenauts Unlimited (also coming to 3DS and Steam) and Disney Epic Mickey 2 (also coming to Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, 3DS, and PC), since both of those games are releasing on other platforms the same day the Wii U hits shelves. So if you’re looking forward to playing either one, you might as well get it on your WiiU. Of the two, however, Scribblenauts Unlimited’s text-entry and object-editing will benefit more from the Gamepad. Disney Epic Mickey 2 seems to be using the second screen mainly for viewing area maps.Next page: Multiplatform megahits, casual games, and more If you’re getting a Wii U on day one, you probably want some unique games that will put the touchpad controller through its paces. Nintendo Land is this console’s Wii Sports — a first-party minigame collection that’s a proof-of-concept for the system. If you’re getting the $350 Deluxe version of the console, you’ll get Nintendo Land as part of the deal. If you’re only buying the $300 Basic model, you’ll have to pay $60 to buy Nintendo Land separately — which means you’ll actually be spending more than if you just bought the Deluxe.After two consoles without a Mario game at launch, Nintendo has finally realized the value of putting their best-known character up front. New Super Mario Bros. U will no doubt be a highly polished first-party title, and there’s something glorious about seeing those classic characters jumping around in HD. The new co-op boost mode, which lets one player place blocks using the touchscreen, sounds like it could be an interesting addition as well. If you like platforming, New Super Mario Bros. U is a solid choice.As the only third-party game designed specifically for the Wii U (not counting casual and party games, which have their own section below), ZombieU is definitely an intriguing entry on this list. When I tried ZombieU at PAX 2012, I found that it used the Gamepad in a variety of ways that ranged from “useful and immersive” to disappointingly “less efficient than regular controls.” But if you enjoy zombie-survival settings and want a non-Nintendo game that makes heavy use of the touchscreen, ZombieU is a good call — as long as it reviews decently.Multiplatform new gamesDisney Epic Mickey 2Scribblenauts Unlimited The Wii U is hitting store shelves in a month, and next to it will be a fairly hefty lineup of launch games. Out of the big list Nintendo released a few months ago, 23 will actually be available when the console releases on November 18th, (the rest are planned for a “launch window” that extends through March 31, 2013) which means that early adopters will have a lot to choose from. So if you’re soon going to be standing in line clutching a pre-order ticket, or anxiously awaiting a delivery truck, here’s what you should know about the Wii U launch titles.Major Wii U-only gamesNintendo LandNew Super Mario Bros. UZombiUcenter_img 1 2last_img read more