Gearbox offers Olly Moss a job after copying his art for Borderlands

first_imgBritish artist Olly Moss was a little upset after he discovered the art inside the Borderlands 2 game box was more than a little similar to his own artwork.It wasn’t a direct copy, but the image above is a comparison picture he posted on his Twitter that clearly shows the Borderlands 2 art looks a lot like the movie posters he created for Star Wars. In fact, the design looks like a copy and paste from Olly’s work. He wasn’t angry though, he was just surprised as he’s a big fan of developer Gearbox.Well, Gearbox head Randy Pitchford wanted to fix the problem, even if Olly didn’t seem to mind all that much. Randy has now offered Olly a job with Gearbox, stating he thinks he’s amazing and that having a piece of his artwork lifted, however small, was wrong. Quite right, too. This offer came as a bit of a surprise to Olly who told Randy on Twitter he wished he’d never even mentioned the whole ordeal.It’s good to see Randy trying to make it up to Olly. Copying artwork, even if it’s just an element of it or a certain style is pretty lazy and hopefully the artist who plagiarized got into trouble for it. Olly Moss is most well known for designing the box art for Resistance 3, he also makes a number of commissioned movie posters. He’s an incredibly talented guy and any game or movie studio would be lucky to have him. It seems that now, Gearbox have that privilege if Olly accepts. I for one can’t wait to see what they create together if he does.via Develop Online, Olly Mosslast_img read more