Unlimited data throttling a necessity This study begs to differ

first_imgLast month, word started to spread that AT&T was throttling customers with unlimited data plans after only 2GB. It didn’t require an academic study to conclude that something fishy was going on, but that didn’t stop wireless analysis firm Validas from conducting a study of its own to get to the bottom of it.Validas (who sells wireless bill analysis to help customers save on their monthly bills), analyzed data from AT&T and Verizon bills, and determined that the difference in data usage between the top 5% of unlimited data users and the top 5% of limited data users was minimal. In the case of Verizon, unlimited data customers actually used less data than capped users did:It’s a fascinating study, which confirms what most of us had already surmised: that throttling of unlimited data customers is simply a ploy to convert them to (sometimes more expensive) capped data plans.It’s probably no coincidence that the reports of AT&T’s unlimited throttling at 2GB popped up right after the company introduced its new (more expensive) data plans. John Cozen, the blogger who initially reported the throttling, was paying $30 per month for his “unlimited” data, the same as what capped customers pay for 3GB of data. He gets throttled at 2GB, but they enjoy 3GB of high speeds.So, surprise surprise, AT&T was capitalizing on the assumption that unlimited customers are data hogs who forgo a home broadband connection and use 100GB of wireless data per month. The results of this study show that there is no basis for this discrimination in throttling — and unlimited data customers are getting the shaft.As aggravating as it is to see the customer-hostile policies that carriers like AT&T get away with, hats off to Validas for coming up with some solid numbers to call them out on it. It would be nice to think that AT&T would have to either present some contrary evidence or renege on its throttling, but, as it will continue to rake in the dollars either way, we wouldn’t advise you to hold your breath on that one.More at Validas, via BGRlast_img read more