Radio journalist wounded in knife attack in Moscow

first_img(Photo: ITAR-TASS) May 30, 2012 – Updated on January 20, 2016 Radio journalist wounded in knife attack in Moscow News May 21, 2021 Find out more RSF_en RussiaEurope – Central Asia Follow the news on Russia June 2, 2021 Find out more Receive email alerts Help by sharing this information to go further Organisation center_img News News Reporters Without Borders deplores the violent knife attack two nights ago on the radio journalist Sergei Aslanian (Сергей Асланян) in Moscow.“We note that the police quickly opened an investigation and we hope it will lead to the identification of the perpetrator of this attack, and those who may be behind it, as soon as possible,” the press freedom organization declared. “Everything possible must be done to prevent this latest incident being added to the long list of attacks on media workers that have gone unpunished in Russia. “We call for restraint by all sides, and by commentators in their coverage of the subject.”Aslanian, who worked for the radio station Ekho Moskvy for 10 years, has presented a program on motoring and transport issues on Radio Mayak since late last year.He received a late-night call at home from an unidentified caller who said he wanted to speak to him in the street outside. When he reached the landing, he was hit violently on the head then stabbed many times before the attacker fled. Aslanian was taken to Sklifosovski hospital where he was treated for concussion and at least 15 stab wounds to the neck, chest and hands. The journalist underwent surgery and doctors said afterwards his condition was stable and satisfactory. The police first treated the case as assault and battery under the criminal code, but later changed this to “moderately serious premeditated personal injury”. They are studying CCTV footage from a nearby camera. Police said they were working on a number of theories, including the possibility that the attack was related to the journalist’s work.Aslanian himself said he believed it was linked to controversial statements he made during the program “Tsentralny Komitet” on 14 May, when he described the Prophet Mohammed as a “businessman” whose business was so successful it continued to prosper today. He said the founder of Islam had “rewritten the Bible” and was believed to have suffered from “serious sexual problems”. These remarks offended some members of the Muslim community, some of whose representatives lodged a complaint with the public prosecutor’s office accusing the journalist of inciting hatred.Aslanian said his assailant accused him of “disliking Allah” before the attack.Religious leaders called for calm and said there might have been provocation. Other sources pointed out that investigations by the journalist into the car industry and corruption in the traffic police could have touched a nerve. News RussiaEurope – Central Asia Two Russian journalists persecuted for investigating police corruption Russian media boss drops the pretence and defends Belarus crackdown Despite assurances by the former president, Dmitri Medvedev, impunity for those who attack or kill journalists remains widespread in Russia. The country remains stuck in 142nd place out of 179 countries in the latest World Press Freedom Index published by Reporters without Borders. May 5, 2021 Find out more Listed as a “foreign agent”, Russia’s most popular independent website risks disappearinglast_img read more

In the socks of our tourism half the money than the Austrians, and why ?!

first_imgAustria, which has only twice as many inhabitants as “our beautiful country”, and which has no sea but only many, many mountains and plateaus, earns 22,7 billion euros a year from tourism! Of which 12,7 billion euros in the winter. And Croatia, which has the sea and Dubrovnik and Split and the islands untouched as if born of a “smart” mother, and also has Pula and Istria, brags at all bells that it puts in the state “sock” of the sun, ice cream, comfort and the sea all in all 9, 5 billion euros! And that is our limit! Published by: Gordana Igrec / published and transferred with permission from the portal Young people would say: sometimes it is “less – more”. But young people have left and are leaving. And no one listens to them. And the old ones, disappointed with the reality, turned a deaf ear to everything. Now I no longer know if any of those in charge “hear” these figures that resonate and embarrass us. While the whole column of cars after the “craziest night of the year” is heading towards the mountains with euros in their pockets, leaving behind deserted islands, sadly deserted sea and singing Istria and Dalmatia. When will this country get a ruling set that will know what and how with our mare nostrum, our coast, apartments, hotels, untouched nature, our delicacies, music and culture. While “dindrlica” is being promoted in Austria, who wears Split’s civic costume or sopila in Istria attracts tourists and knows how to cash in on it? This is not about predation, but about how we can appreciate this piece of land where we all found ourselves at the same time? How do we treat our natural and cultural heritage? And don’t we shout out loud, don’t we recite and dig into our chests just to cover up how we actually care a little (care) about our heritage, tradition, our nature, and everything we’ve inherited from our history attached? And what needs to be nurtured, presented and finally fertilized financially. Without such a worldview, the fact that 20 percent of GDP comes from tourism will not help us. At the same time, our mouths are full of tourist feats. While all the time we throw sand in the eyes of the inhabitants of this afflicted state or, like politicians, we push our heads into the sand like ostriches. Avoiding the problem. Photo: Hallstatt, Austria / Photo: Mostly looking for masseurs, beauticians, physiotherapists who will work for secured accommodation and food while skiing for a salary of up to 1 euros. In Switzerland, for example, where the share of tourism in GDP is 900 to 7 skis, and their income is alongside Austria, which means that it surpasses Croatia. While in our country the share of tourism in GDP is 77 percent, and our income “limps” for the Alpine country, with which we have been in a political marriage for centuries – Austria. It is obvious that mathematics does not go to the minds of our politicians, and they do not cope well with numbers or percentages when they do not “darken their eyes” on these statistics, which say more than all the words that everyone in our country takes lightly anyway. razmeću.center_img Photo: A country that has the coast and the sea as a God-given day and that could share these beauties with others in a way that secures a place under the sun so that it becomes a recognizable and popular tourist destination during 365 days of the year experiences ecstasy with only a few confessions of the world for her beauty or service or the occasional reportage. No, we are not as humble as we react. And why do Austrians already open the season for hunting seasonal workers in hotels in September or October? We just don’t know how our neighbors shared the crown and crust of bread with us! Even today, after exactly 100 years have passed since we separated, we are left with bread with seven crusts, and the heirs of the Habsburg monarchy – the Austrians “kajzerice, buns, butter and marmalade”. It seems that the “beans” fell to our detriment and that we got the thick end of it. We could also talk about our mentality, and say: “How are we better servants than masters!” Because, how else to comment that we do not know or do not want to use “heavenly beauty” for the betterment of all inhabitants of Dalmatia, Istria and the whole of Croatia? Some forever. It’s all the fault – GDP! Is it?! “Let’s go girls, let’s go boys, students, pupils, policemen! To the mountains, because there is no winter there “is the refrain of the song of the White Button, which is still happily sung today. Soon, everyone in line in Lijepa naša will start chanting this refrain, crossing the border after skiing to neighboring Slovenia, Austria, Italy or the Czech Republic or Switzerland and France, as well as to nearby Bosnia and Herzegovina, after the Christmas and New Year holidays. On the mountains to our natural beauties that surround the sea, to tourism throughout the year we are, it is clear as light – forgotten.last_img read more