Victoria Clark’s Longtime Dresser Vicky Grecki on Getting Slap Happy & Coveting the Gigi Hats

first_img Gigi View Comments Related Shows Victoria Clark, who was recently honored with a Tony nomination for her performance as Mamita in Gigi, has enjoyed both a long and illustrious career and a long and treasured friendship with her dresser, Vicky Grecki. Clark’s many Broadway credits include her Tony-winning performance in The Light in the Piazza as well as Cinderella, Sister Act, The Snow Geese, Titanic, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying and many more. Clark and Grecki have been friends for decades and their fondness for one another is obvious. Read on to find out what Grecki has to say about her pal and colleague.When did you first meet Victoria Clark, and what was your first impression of her?Vicki and I first worked together on Cabaret at Studio 54 in 1999. She impressed me with her dedication and continual preparation. Her work process never stops. She explores and grows continually on stage and off.What do you two bond over?We experience the same joys in our work. We both love being a part of live theater and balance each other well. We are able to deal with whatever may happen as best we can and try to work through the bumps.What do you wish more people knew about dressers?It’s a physical job that requires strength and flexibility.What makes the two of you laugh?We laugh most when we’re tired. I think that’s called “slap happy.” It’s still our favorite sound in the dressing room.What are some items you both like to have on hand backstage?I carry water, hot tea drink and Ricola throat drops. There are personal handkerchiefs belonging to her mother which she uses in her various handbags on stage.What is the most challenging part of dressing Victoria Clark?All changes entail choreography between the actor and the dresser. Vicki is always willing to help in changes because she understands this relationship. She knows the importance of standing still and I depend on that.Which of her costumes do you wish you had in your closet?I love the beautiful hats Vicki wears. They are massive, stunning and feminine. I would have to build another closet just to house them in my apartment.What’s the best gift she’s ever given you?Her glorious voice that I hear every performance. It’s the only gift I selfishly would never part with.What’s something she says all the time?At the end of each show: “Love you, safe home.”What is something you do that makes her roll her eyes?We have procrastination issues. I give her a look like, “Are we done?” Then we both laugh.What is her biggest pet peeve backstage and what is yours?Hers is loud talking or singing backstage while the show is going on. My pet peeve is the overuse of cell phones on deck backstage.What’s the secret to your relationship?We help each other.Any fun anecdotes you want to share about your time working with Vicki?A ritual before each show is to pick “Angel” cards. The cards help us to focus on a specific task such as understanding, joy, freedom, birth. We believe our angels stay with us during the show. Note: If you pick “brotherhood and/or integrity” you get to pick again.What is the best part about being part of Team Clark?We have a close and trusting relationship. Vicki loves to teach and explore, and she allows me to be a part of it. Show Closed This production ended its run on June 21, 2015last_img read more

Morning fuel

first_imgBy Stephanie SchupskaUniversity of GeorgiaBacon, eggs, biscuits, fruit, omelets, pancakes, turkey-and-cheese sandwich — one of those items doesn’t make the typical breakfast list. But a University of Georgia nutrition expert says it’s not necessarily the normal that makes the best breakfast.When it comes to starting the day off, the best breakfast is the one that gets eaten.“People who skip breakfast miss out on vitamins, minerals and fiber that they need,” said Kelly Bryant, a UGA Cooperative Extension nutrition education specialist. “Breakfast is an easy way to get nutrients such as calcium and vitamin C in your diet. Pick foods from three to five food groups. They don’t have to be traditional breakfast foods.”A turkey-and-cheese sandwich on whole wheat bread with a half-cup of 100-percent juice provides items from four food groups. An English muffin minipizza with a piece of fruit or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on whole wheat bread with a glass of milk covers three food groups.“Leftovers from the night before are fine,” Bryant said. “Even cold pizza is fine, although it would probably be good to have fruit or juice with it.”Breakfast is about putting fuel into the body, she said. After eight to 12 hours of fasting while asleep, you need breakfast to help prepare for the day’s activities, especially when you’re a child.“While nothing can take the place of studying hard, eating a healthful breakfast daily will help give you the edge you need to do these things,” she said. “Research shows that people who eat breakfast daily tend to be better nourished overall than those who do not.”Breakfast is important for people of all ages. But as children get older, they tend to eat breakfast less often.“The main reason given for this is that many older children and adolescents feel like they don’t have enough time,” Bryant said. “The second is that many students are concerned about their weight. And sometimes they don’t eat because they’re not hungry.”Recent research has shown that eating breakfast may help prevent children from becoming overweight. But while eating breakfast is better than going without, Bryant says some foods should be limited.“Limit foods with increased amounts of added sugar and fats like donuts, pastries and soft drinks,” she said. “Soft drinks, especially for children, crowds out important nutrients they should be getting from milk and juice.“Look for 100-percent juice,” she said. “If the carton says ‘fruit drink’ or ‘fruit beverage,’ it has little to no juice in it and has added sugar.”For parents and adults with crazy schedules, Bryant said, it’s best to have easy breakfast foods available.She suggests keeping whole grain cereal, peanut butter, string cheese, 100-percent juice, bagels, English muffins, yogurt, fruit and low-fat milk on hand.Add fruit and milk or cheese to a pop tart or toaster strudel, she said. Or try these quick and easy breakfasts:* Waffle sandwich: Put peanut butter and honey or syrup between two waffles. Add fruit.* Tortilla roll-ups: Spread peanut butter on a tortilla, top with banana slices and roll it up.* Bagel minipizza: Top a whole wheat bagel or English muffin with tomato sauce and cheese and pop it in the microwave or toaster oven.Other quick, healthy options are a bowl of instant oatmeal or some dry cereal paired with yogurt and fruit.If a drive-through restaurant provides breakfast, choose an egg-and-cheese English muffin over a fried chicken or sausage biscuit. Some places may offer a fruit and yogurt cup, and most offer low-fat milk. And that carton of fruit juice “is a good way to add fruit,” Bryant said.(Stephanie Schupska is a news editor with the University ofGeorgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.)last_img read more

FairPoint re-submits financial information to PSB over bankruptcy

first_imgConsolidated Communications,FairPoint submitted supplemental financial information to the Public Service Board last week for its consideration in FairPoint’s still-pending Regulatory Settlement and Change of Control proceeding, the approval of which will allow the company to emerge from Chapter 11.The Vermont Public Service Board’s approval is one of the final steps in this process. FairPoint already has received approvals from Maine and New Hampshire regulators, creditors, represented employees and other states where it does business and approval was required. FairPoint is also pursuing approval from the Federal Communications Commission.FairPoint asked the Vermont Public Service Board to consider FairPoint’s additional information in an expedited manner, with a final decision to be made by November 23.FairPoint has stated that the telecommunications industry has changed dramatically over the past decade and the current level of industry competition provides both business and residential consumers with multiple choices and technologies. “When we emerge from Chapter 11, FairPoint will be a stronger and more viable provider of traditional telephone services and wireline data transmission solutions.”FairPoint’s bankruptcy plan was rejected by the PSB in June, in large part because of revenue projections. FairPoint’s plan would reduce debt by $1.7 billion in exchange for creditors taking control of the North Carolina-based telecommunications company. (STORY).last_img read more

China and Ethiopia exchange cultures

first_imgChina has been boosting cultural exchange programs in African countries in recent years.One such was recently held in Ethiopia – and this language learning exercise had a competitive edge.CCTV’s Maria Galang has that story for us.last_img